Our main goal is to develop English language proficiency and achieving

    state content-area standards, while simultaneously valuing students' native

    languages and cultural backgrounds. We are committed in creating and

    offering the highest quality of educational services to all students and

    create global citizens. We have a total of 2600 of students in our

    school district and 75 are enrolled in our ESL program K-12.

    We have students coming from all over the world! The most common

    language spoken is Spanish.

    The ESL Program is based on a few key concepts that include the following:

    • Students are group by their English proficiency level.
    • Teachers integrate academic language and content in their lessons.
    • A pull out model, where teachers  have students for a period of time and they are
    • in a small group setting.
    • Teachers collaborate with content and general education teachers to create well rounded support.
    • Teachers are constantly being trained and we have staff members trained in SIOP.