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    Señorita Spooner

    Elementary Spanish Teacher

    Kings Road & Torey J. Sabatini Elementary Schools










    This year in Spanish class, we are going to focus on communicating in our target language and exploring the cultures of the 21 different Spanish speaking countries that help color our world. This is all going to be done through comprehensible input. "Comprehensible input" is a term for the way you and I learned our native languages. It is a strategy in learning languages in which the students are taught the target language by means of hearing it and reading it. Once they understand what they are hearing and reading, they will be comfortable enough to create that language through speaking and writing. Teaching through means of comprehensible input includes less of a focus on grammatical or pronunciation errors and more of a focus on creating a comfortable learning environment in which students aren't afraid to make mistakes, and are eager to put themselves out there!



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