KRS MIssion/Vision/Core Values

                                                               Kings Road School 

                                                                   School Handbook  


                                                              Students and Parents 

                                                                         2021 - 2022                  



                                                                     School Day Schedule

  • The school day begins at 8:30 AM and the students are dismissed at 3:15 AM. The students should arrive no later than 8:40 AM and no earlier than 8:20 AM.

  • The dismissal time for single session days is 12:45 PM. 

  • Students will enter the school building and be dismissed through specific labeled grade level school doors. Directional signs will be posted during the first few weeks of school.    

  • Once the students are in school, the teachers will take attendance and inform the students of the schedule for the day. The weekly preview will also be shared by the teacher on the previous Friday. 

  • The students should review their classroom teacher’s Google Classroom.

                               Six Day Schedule - Six Day Elementary Letter Day Schedule:

The schedule for all Madison elementary schools is a 6 day (A to F day) cycle schedule. It is important that all families take note of the Elementary Letter Day Schedule that maps out all the letter days for the entire school year. Parents are encouraged to print the letter day schedule as a reference. You will receive your child’s detailed schedule to include special subjects from your child’s teacher. 


                  Designated Entrances and Exits: - Labels will be placed on the doors. 

To decrease the congestion that usually occurs during arrival and dismissal times, we request the students use the following doors to enter and exit during arrival and dismissal times. Staff members will be placed in designated areas to assist and supervise. 


The kindergarten students and their escorts will arrive by traveling up the sidewalk in front of the school building to the side door near   The kindergarten students will enter the building through the side door near the kindergarten/first grade wing.  During dismissal, the KRS staff will ensure that the kindergarten students dismiss safely. 

First Grade 

The first grade students will travel up the sidewalk, travel along the sidewalk in front of the school, and enter the building through the school’s front entrance. The first graders will be dismissed out the same door.

Second Grade 

Third Grade 

The second and third grade students will walk up the hill to the lower black-top and will enter through the entrance with the overhang leading to the third and second grade wing. The second and third graders will be dismissed out the same door. 

Fourth Grade 

Fifth Grade 

The fourth and fifth grade students will travel up the hill to the lower black-top and enter the back door.  The fourth and fifth graders will be dismissed out the same door. 

                                                                            Dismissal Procedures

The students will be dismissed at 3:15 PM directly from their classrooms to the car line, to walk home, or to meet an adult. It is recommended that the adults  maintain social distance while waiting for the students. Once the adult maintains contact with the child, it is imperative that they leave the school property immediately to avoid the congestion that usually occurs with dismissal. If you are waiting for a student(s) in the car line, please do not leave your car in the pick-up line. Staff will be available to ensure that your child enters your vehicle safely. Student walkers should also leave the school property immediately and not congregate at the bottom of the hill. 

                                                                                              Bus Students 

The bus students will wear masks while riding on the bus. They will file on the bus 3 feet apart and sit in their own seat. Only 1 child per seat. Once the student arrives at school, the student will report directly to the classroom. 


Phone Communication - The KRS office is open 5 days a week from 3:15 - 3:45 during scheduled school days. As a reminder the KRS Office number is 973 593-3178.

Email Communication - Every district employee has an email address. To contact a MPS professional, please follow this sample format: (last name) (initial of first name) 

District Calendar - Please see this link for the 21-22 district calendar. 


                                                                                       Medical Needs 

  • The school nurse, Mrs. Moran is still available for any questions or concerns as they may arise.   Please communicate with Nurse Moran through email at or by phone (973) 593-3178.  

  • If you have a medical concern about your child,  please do not hesitate to reach out to Nurse Moran.  


                                                                                       Counseling Needs

  • School counselor Mr. Levine is available and will provide online resources for potential social and emotional needs during this time of uncertainty.  He is available via email at or by phone (973) 593-3178.

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying(HIB) - If you think that your child or another child is a victim of HIB, please notify the KRS Anti-Bullying Specialist Mr. Brett Levine as soon as possible at  ( or (973) 593-3178.                                  

                                                            Special Education and 504 Students

Students will still receive IEP and 504 accommodations outlined by their special education/504 plans. Teachers, therapists, the special education teachers, and staff will be available via email and by phone for support. If you have any questions about special education programming, please contact the KRS case manager Mrs. McCauley at


                                                                                    Code of Conduct

The students must maintain proper digital conduct and expected behavior that is in compliance with our district board policies and school code of conduct.  Please review this document KRS Code of Conduct for behavioral and digital citizenship expectations. 


Attendance - Please communicate any student absences.  If you decide to change your child’s form of learning (in school or at home), please notify the office as soon as possible. 

If a student is absent from learning, a parent/guardian should contact the school.  

Please email your child’s teacher, Mrs. Guzewicz at and Nurse Moran at If needed, you may also call the attendance line at  (973) 593-3178. 

                                                               2021 - 2022 New Staff and Staff Changes 

Mrs. Mary Thomas is the media specialist at KRS and TJS.

Miss Alyssa Fine is teaching second grade. 

Mrs. Samantha Garrita is teaching kindergarten. 

Mr. John Alfano is the head custodian. 

Ms. Christina Auilia is the speech therapist. 

                                                                       Technology  Resources and Support

Please contact the KRS Office at 973 593-178 if:

A parent or student having trouble with a chromebook.

You are having trouble with a Google Account.

Other technology issues.


Your child’s teacher(s) will utilize Google Classroom to post instructional materials, directions, lessons, and assignments. Please refer to this excellent resource for information about Google Classroom - A Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom. For parent access to certain Google features, It would be very helpful for at least one parent of every student to establish a Google email address.  


                                                                         Visitors/Drop-Off Items 

Due to COVID, no outside person will be allowed to enter the building without an appointment.   If you have to pick up your child for an appointment or have to change arrival/dismissal you will need to contact the main office. Any drop-off items should be placed in the container outside the front entrance of the school.