About Our Principal

Kathleen KoopMrs. Kathleen Koop is in her 12th year as the Kings Road Principal. Kathleen is very proud of KRS because it is a school where every person in the community strives for the academic, emotional, and social success of the students. Kings Road School was selected as a Reward School in the spring of 2012 by the New Jersey Department of Education. Prior to her position in Madison, she was an elementary school principal in the Great Meadows Regional School District for three years. During Kathleen’s fifteen years before becoming a principal, she enjoyed teaching first and third grades in the Harding Township School District.

Kathleen enjoys collaborating with all the members in a school community to create a positive, successful, learning environment. She strongly believes that a successful school is where everyone supports and respects one another and holds on to a common vision to not only educate the students for today but to also create a strong foundation for the students to build on as lifelong learners.

When Kathleen is not at Kings Road School she spends time with her four children, Hailey, Summer, Dakota, and Kai. They keep her busy but they also make her smile. She enjoys running and participates in at least a few marathons every year. Kathleen’s favorite marathon is in Walt Disney World in January. One of her favorite activities is to volunteer for cancer related causes, because her daughter Dakota is a cancer survivor. Kathleen was also a proud school board member on the Washington Township Board of Education and just completed her fourth and final term as a school board member. She recently achieved her Doctor of Education in educational leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education.

Kathleen enjoys building strong relationships with the students, staff, and parents and to utilize the strong relationships to support one another to continue making Kings Road School a very special place to learn and grow.