Madison High School has a reputation for having strong Extra-Curricular and Athletic programs which provide enrichment opportunities for students to round out their academic and overall high school experience. Fundraising is a great way for extra-curricular organizations to generate funds to support and supplement their programs that may not be available through the school budget. In an effort to maximize each organizations fundraising opportunities we have established some guidelines to minimize the conflicts and duplication of fundraising initiatives.

Below you will find information regarding fundraising. Please review this information prior to starting any fundraising initiatives. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Jensen or Ms. Padelsky

Thanks you and good luck with your fundraising!


Class Advisors, coaches and advisors are to submit a completed Fundraiser Application detailing the event and identifying all parties involved. All fundraising events must be approved by the Vice Principal and/or Athletic Director prior to taking place. The purpose for the Fundraising Application is to coordinate fundraising activities among the various clubs and organizations to avoid duplicating efforts.

All funds generated through fundraising effort are to be handled in accordance with Madison Board of Education Policy #6660. The money generated by your class/team/club/activity will be placed in your designated student activities account and will be earmarked for your organization’s use.

Money collected at any school-sponsored fundraising event must be deposited into the student activity account immediately by the designated advisor. Shannon O'Reilly handles the student activity accounts and she can be reached at 973-593-3117 ext. 3125 or email at oreillys@madisonnjps.org . It is recommended that copies of all deposit slips and checks be made and retained for the organization’s records.

N.J.S.A. 18A:19-14 states that all funds derived from athletic events and other activities of pupil organizations be administered, expended and accounted for pursuant to the rules of the State Board of Education. Therefore, any money collected for a school activity must be deposited in a school activity account. No outside accounts will be permitted.

Any activity or club may volunteer their services to help outside clubs, groups or organizations raise money. The advisor of the volunteering activity or club must directly supervise their members during the fundraising. If the club, group or organization wants to then donate the money raised or any equipment purchased from those funds or any other funds, they must first get Board of Education approved acceptance of the donation before the activity or club can benefit.

Fundraising Guidelines:

  1. All Fundraisers must adhere to BOE Policy # 5830 Pupil Fundraising, #9191 Booster Clubs, and #9210 Parent Organizations.
  2. An Advisor must first complete and submit a Fundraising Request Application for approval well in advance of the fundraising event.
  3. Advisors are to supervise the fundraising initiative.
  4. Funds raised through fundraising efforts must be handled in accordance with Madison Board of Education Policy #6660.