Virtual High School (VHS)

  • MHS contracts with VHS to provide students the opportunity to pursue courses online that are not offered onsite.
  • Out of 200 courses, VHS offers more than 20 AP® options.
  • Registration for courses takes place in early May and students must obtain the approval of a parent/guardian as well as guidance counselor in order to be considered for the program.  Students will receive information and forms at information sessions.
  • Check out the VHS website to learn more.
  • VHS Site Administrator at MHS: Ms. Thomas, 973-593-3117, x8956


  • Students should be able to budget their time wisely.
  • Students need to devote time every day to their online course.
  • Students must be self-directed and proactive in terms of doing work and communicating with their teachers, in much the same way they will do when in college.
  • VHS operates on a slightly different academic calendar than MHS to accommodate all member schools and in consideration of the AP® testing schedule in May.
  • AP® courses incur a VHS administrative fee of $75/per course, which parent/guardian may be required to pay once student is registered.
  • Some AP® courses incur an additional lab fee, which varies by course, which parent/guardian must pay once student is registered.