Team 6A is ecstatic to declare that Dylan Dacey and Alexandra Naftal are the Leaders of the Month for September. They are both responsible, motivated, and passionate students who come to school every day with a great attitude, are always ready to learn,have a dedication for going above and beyond, and have earned the trust of their peers and teachers. Trust is something that is earned and is also defined as having confidence. Dylan and Alexandra both exemplify these characteristics. They are both model students that set a positive example for their peers working hard not only for themselves, but to help their peers as well. Their work ethic and focus on doing well is an inspiration to team 6A fitting the definition of being a leader.


We are off to a great start this year with 2 fantastic Leaders of the Month. Congratulations to Cece Mariani and Ruhaan Mody. Both Cece and Ruhaan are wonderful role models. They truly exemplify what it means to be MJS leaders. Cece's exuberance is contagious, and Ruhaan leads with quiet confidence. Cece and Ruhaan are very conscientious students with an unbelievable work ethic. They have positive attitudes and always have a smile for their teachers and classmates. Way to go Cece and Ruhaan!


Team 7A is excited to announce Devin Ahishali and Sophie Santoriello as the leaders of the month. Devin Ahishali is a deep thinker. He shows a genuine interest in his classes, and he's quick to ask insightful questions. Sophie Santoriello is a bright and bubbly spirit in any classroom. Her upbeat, positive approach to any new task inspires her classmates. We are so proud of both Devin and Sophie!


Team 7B is excited to announce Salome Bedoya and Aidan Gilfillan as the leaders of the month. Salome Bedoya is being recognized for always being extremely helpful to others and doing the right thing. Her sweet, kind nature is so appreciated by everyone around her. She demonstrates to all how we should treat others. Aidan Gilfillan is a great role model for others. He pushes himself to always do his best, putting forth 110% effort in his academics. Additionally, he always looks for ways to be helpful and supportive of others. He just recently volunteered to be a student guide for a new student.


Team 8A nominates Luke McGuire for student of the month for his outstanding leadership in the classroom and his willingness to help his peers. Luke is always an active participant and goes out of his way to help his classmates when they are struggling. Thank you for all of your hard work, Luke! Team 8A also nominates Arfa Iftikhar for September's student of the month. Arfa is a dedicated student whose composed and respectful disposition is a model to her peers. She diligently completes her assignments and contributes to the class discussion. Thank you for your continued hard work, Arfa!


Team 8 B nominates Zac Cumming and Amal Fakhar. Zac is an extremely responsible student with a strong drive to do well academically. In light of his busy schedule, he repeatedly takes a proactive role in ensuring that he is always prepared for class. His attention to detail and his ability to manage his time and set goals makes him a perfect candidate for this month’s student leader. Amal is a leader in and out of school. Her leadership is witnessed each and every day by her willingness to assist her teachers and other students. In addition, She repeatedly shares in depth answers and strong connections during class discussions and she brings a positive energy to her classes each day.