April 2022

Team 6A 

Team 6A is proud to announce that Grace Porio and Noah Hsu are our Leaders of the Month for April! Both Noah and Grace have been consistently amazing students since the beginning of the year. They are both diligent and conscientious producing exemplary work. Our team also describes both recipients as helpful students who generously assist others around them when needed. Neither student looks for attention or praise when doing the “right thing” so this nomination is Team 6A’s way of showing our appreciation for their commitment to making MJS a better place!

Team 6B 

Team 6B is delighted to announce Emma Rickli and Jack Streit as their April leaders of the month! Both Emma and Jack come to class with an excitement for learning and they generously help their classmates whenever they’re needed. Emma is one of the most conscientious student in our class, and she gives 100% in all she does. Jack brings his contagious sense of humor and enthusiasm to our class everyday. Emma and Jack, you are an inspiration to our team! Keep up the great work!

Team 7A 

In Greek mythology, Apollo is the divine god of music and medicine, sunshine and truth, and health and education of all. It's no surprise, then, that we see such well-rounded and admirable qualities in 7A's own Apollo Lo. Apollo approaches new tasks with level-headedness and maturity. Apollo’s reflective, insightful responses set a positive tone in the classroom. Apollo maintains composure and balance in the face of any challenge. Apollo’s cool, calm demeanor makes for a great role model to others!

7A is equally proud of Meghan Harter. No setback can keep Meghan down, since she always puts forth 100% effort. Even when she was attending school remotely for a brief period of time, Meghan made sure she was on top of her game. She's a valued team player in any group, as she elevates the conversation with her insights and ideas. Meg is working hard and it shows. We are so proud of her!

Team 7B

Team 7 B is super proud of the dynamic Visvikis twins. We are lucky enough to get two for the price of one! However, each of them bring something unique to the table. Lizzy is a super personable, energetic student who is vocal in class discussions. She’s passionate about her answers, but yet aware and respectful of other people. While Jason is a bit more soft spoken, he is kind hearted, and a super group contributor who works extremely well with others. Both always give their maximum efforts. Their attention to detail, motivation, and drive is beyond the rest and this is why we chose Lizzy and Jason Visvikis for 7B team leaders of April.

Team 8A 

Team 8A is proud to announce Brooke and Jamie Blair as students of the month. Both students are extremely dedicated to their work. They are active participants in class activities. If there are questions, they advocate for themselves and their classmates. Both students are to be celebrated for their efforts and positive attitudes. Keep up the good work! 

Team 8B 

Team 8B would like to recognize Madeline Wilt and Jack Sanderson as our leaders of the month. Maddie is a leader in our classrooms. She tends to ask questions from which the entire class benefits. She has demonstrated a growing maturity and a continued desire to do well.

Jack is a quiet example of how students should conduct themselves. He is attentive and provides insightful responses during class discussion. He is a team player and a kind and respectful soul.