Character Education

At MJS we take Character Education seriously, and like many other educators across the nation, we see it as an integral component of educating adolescents. Through a collaborative effort including students, staff, and parents, we are pleased to announce our MJS vision, mission, and values:

Our Vision:
A world where we believe in our power to embrace learning and to shape our future.

Our Mission:
At MJS, we create an environment of kindness where all students are empowered to be lifelong learners. We celebrate their unique talents and skills while creating a sense of purpose and awareness of our diverse world. Through knowledge, skills, and character, we help shape their future.

Our Values: #MJS LEADS
Lifelong learners
Sense of purpose

We weave these elements into our daily routines and we emphasize them with special activities. Here are just a few examples of how we help our students focus on this important aspect of social and emotional development:

  • Advisory period is held once a week with small groups of students and an advisory. Discussion topics and activities include important elements of character education such as teamwork and problem solving. Once per month 8th grade Peer Leaders lead outreaches to their 6th grade peers, while all other 8th graders take part in community service projects.
  • Conflict Resolution, an extracurricular program, helps develop skills in listening and mediating conflict. In addition to resolving issues among MJS peers, our conflict resolution team makes presentations in the outside community and at others schools.
  • How We Roll, commendations are given to students who are observed "doing the right thing" by a member of the faculty or staff. Students are announced on a consistent basis, phone calls are made to their parents, and once a marking period names are drawn and given prizes funded by the MJS PTO.
  • The MJS Student Bill of Rights , a list developed and promoted by students, entitles each MJS student to a safe, happy and harmonious environment.