Great big smiles, and hearts of gold, Fatima Ayaz and Isabel Han are our leaders of the month,so know you have been told.

They are both gracious and kind, and that’s for sure, they always smile and will stand up for others, as their hearts are pure.

It’s no mistake, that these girls were chosen, because when you work so hard, your destiny is never frozen.

They always put in the effort, to do their best, always striving, to complete their academic quest.

Isabel and Fatima are well on their way, They have brains in their head, They have feet in their shoes, We have no doubt that they can accomplish anything they choose.

Congratulations to Fatima and Isabel on being the Team 6A Leaders of the Month for December.  


Team 6B has 2 fantastic leaders of the month to close out the year? Congratulations to Josie Pressman and William Wu!- Josie is a thoughtful and caring person. She is attentive to the needs of others. William is a polite and well-mannered student. He never hesitates to reach out and help his fellow classmates. Both Josie and William contribute to the positive environment in our classroom. 3 cheers for Josie and Will!! 


7A's Leaders of the Month are Emma Nedde and Lucas Cohen. Emma and Lucas bring the word "conscientious" to a whole new level. They are laser-focused on applying lesson content to their own work, and they eagerly soak up new learning. They are working hard and it shows! Go, Emma and Lucas!!!


7B is proud to announce our Leaders of the month for December Sylvie Vanderbilt and Jack Salerno. Sylvie is a total go-getter! She is a diligent worker, a kind person, and a respected peer. She’s super focused on being the best she can be. Jack Salerno is a delight to have in class. He participates and asks questions during class. He works well with his peers and is a very respectful young man.


Team 8A is proud to announce Owen Smith and Giada Oppermann as students of the month for December. Both students always have a positive attitude and a friendly demeanor. They are dedicated students who actively engage in the learning process. We are impressed by their participation in classroom activities and willingness to lend a hand. Great job Owen and Giada.  


Team 8A recognizes Anna Bochner and Amelia Nevin as student leaders for the month of December. Anna arrives daily to her classes with a positive attitude and willingness to help others while getting the most out of her studies. Amelia demonstrates a maturity beyond her years with her thoughtful interpretations and diligent work ethic. Anna and Amelia are extremely respectful to those around them, interacting with kindness and sensitivity. Their teachers are very proud of them both.