Team 6A wants to celebrate some students who represent perseverance and respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others. Additionally, both students have been caught helping others and always doing the right thing. These two students are honest, on time, set a positive example for their peers, and always look out for their fellow classmates. Who are those two students? The Team 6A Leaders of the Month for February are James Gaven and Olivia Lewis. We are proud of you and all of our students who are future leaders!

Team 6B has 2 incredible Leaders of the Month. Kudos Ella Pennington and Radek Juriga! Ella and Radek exemplify what it means to be a leader in Madison Junior School. They both possess a strong enthusiasm and dedication to their work. Ella is always willing to help and offer words of encouragement to her fellow classmates. Radek is the first to volunteer to lend a hand to assist his teachers, and he is very kind to his classmates. Their integrity and positive attitudes make them wonderful role models in our school. Congratulations on a terrific job Ella and Radek!

Team 7A is proud to announce Timothe Gerard-Saroul and Sharon Park as their student leaders of the month!

If Webster's dictionary decided to put an MJS student photo next to the words ENTHUSIASM and DEDICATION, you'd find Timothe and Sharon's smiling faces right there. We are so proud of the way Timothe and Sharon approach new challenges -- they set a great example for everyone around them! Keep up all the positive energy and hard work!

Team 7B is proud to announce two wonderful students who are true leaders of the month. Congratulations to Ethan Yoesting and Georgia Mock. Both students bring such a positive attitude to class and are enthusiastically engaged in class discussions. Ethan shows a great love for making his school a positive school community and this energy is infectious. Georgia is quite inquisitive and always wants to bring her A game to the table, but more importantly works so well with others. Both are kind and respectful to their peers and teachers. Keep up the good work Ethan and Georgia!

8A is proud to announce Kaia Killian and AJ Eldridge as their student leaders of the month!

Kaia is creative and highly motivated. She is extremely cooperative and goes above and beyond to participate in class activities. AJ Always has a positive attitude and is an active participant in class activities and discussions. Both are kind, respectful, and determined. Keep up the good work!

Team 8B isproud to announce Elizabeth Green and Teddy Barisonek as their student leaders of the month!

Elizabeth has demonstrated preparedness and responsibility. She asks questions and advocates for herself and consistently strives to achieve academically. She has a great attitude toward school and comes to class each day with a smile and a positive attitude.

Teddy is a hardworking, kind student who always goes above and beyond. He has a great attitude, enjoys participating and always cheers on his classmates. He is also an outstanding leader in the class, always showing an exemplary attitude and effort in all that he does. Teddy is an eager participant and makes great connections to the content of the class. Congratulations to both Elizabeth and Teddy!