Team 6A wants to celebrate some students who represent several of the characteristics of self-empowerment and kindness towards all. These two students are selfless, respect the rights, beliefs and the opinions of others. These two students are honest, on time, and always look out for their fellow classmates. Who are those two students? These two amazing students are both model students that set a positive example for their peers working hard not only for themselves but to help their peers as well. Congratulations to Milo Jurken and Oliver Boghian for being the Team 6A Super Stars for the month of January! We are proud of you and all of our students who are future leaders! 


6B is proud to announce Mia Snider and Owen Nowak as their student leaders of the month!

Mia is always kind and patient with her classmates. Owen’s enthusiasm is contagious and unites our team even more.

Both Mia and Owen are conscientious and give 100% in everything they do. We are so proud to have these 2 exceptional students leading our team. Way to go Mia and Owen!


7A is proud to announce Nathan Beland and Soleil Serrano as their student leaders of the month!

Nathan brings 100% energy and enthusiasm to all he does. His upbeat, can-do attitude lifts up the mood of every classroom he's in, and his positive attitude has brought about great growth! 

Every task Soleil turns in shows her impressive behind-the-scenes effort, and often she even submits work AHEAD of deadlines. Effort + excellent time management skills = an A+ role model for others! 


7B is proud to announce Remy Noulhac and Caterina Porta as their student leaders of the month!

Remy is a super kind individual; he’s someone that you would immediately choose to be alongside because of his positive energy and vibe. Therefore, he works well with others in order to complete in-class activities, often stepping up as a group leader. Remy is self-motivated and a diligent worker. He’s a perfect selection to represent team 7b as January’s Leader of the Month.

Caterina is an amazing human being! She’s a class leader who puts in 110% effort into her studies and performs extremely well. She’s a selfless and kind person who volunteers to help students who are just learning English as a second language. 7B is proud to have Caterina represent the team as January’s Leader of the Month.


8A is proud to announce Calista Farrell and Liam Melvin as their student leaders of the month!

Calista is a positive influence on those around her. Her work ethic is commendable and a model for her peers. Liam’s positivity radiates throughout the classroom. He actively participates in all of his classes and is also a positive influence on those around him. Thank you both for all of your hard work! Keep it up! 


8B is proud to announce Nolan Keane and Paige Mocko as their student leaders of the month!

Nolan has repeatedly demonstrated a consistency and eagerness to learn. He consistently goes above and beyond when it comes to studying for assessments. He is focused and studious and we are very proud of his work ethic and efforts. Nolan works well with classmates, is willing to help others, and listens to suggestions.

Paige has shown growth in all her classes as the year has progressed. She actively participates in class and understands concepts quickly. Although more quiet in some classes, she works well in groups and is consistent, dependable, and helpful.