MARCH 2022

Team 6A is excited to announce Harry Smith and Arrush Tummala as our March Leaders of the month. Both of these students generously help their classmates any time there is a need. Harry will volunteer to assist any student when needed, but has been especially helpful getting a few of his English Language Learner classmates started on the Do Now each day until Mrs. Sanches arrives. Arrush gladly supplies his classmates with pens, pencils, and his chromebook charger whenever asked throughout the day. Both of these students demonstrate the small acts of kindness that leave a big impact on others!

Team 6B is honored to nominate Hannah Fitzgerald and Michael Ritchie as the Leaders of the Month. Hannah, we admire your perseverance and continued kindness with classmates. Michael, oh Michael, your contagious smile and sweet demeanor always lifts the spirits of the class. Both Hannah and Michael radiate care and kindness! 6B is lucky to have such supercalifragilisticexpialidocious students!

Team 7A got some alliteration for you: T is for our Terrific, Take-charge, Thorough and Totally Tenacious Team-Players: Thomas Monville and Tarana Menon. Thomas and Tarana consistently demonstrate how dedicated and focused they are throughout all their classes, and we are so proud of them. T stands for Truly Top-notch, and that is what Thomas and Tarana are!

Team 7B is excited to announce Sylvie Vanderbilt and Sebi Schleck as their leaders of the month. Sylvie Vanderbilt is a super helpful, respectful, kind and caring young lady. She is always offering her teachers and classmates some sort of assistance simply out of the goodness of her heart. She is also very successful academically due to her dedication to her studies. All of these reasons made Sylvie an easy selection as March Leader of the month for team 7B.

Sebi Schleck has dedicated this last month to his studies and the outcome has been tremendous. By staying focused in class and showing more effort towards his homework and studying, Sebi has improved his overall grades across the board. Sebi is always the student walking down the hallway with a huge smile on his face. This positive energy shows how much he cares for the people around him. The team 7B teachers are all really so very proud of all your hard work and positive attitude. Keep it up!

Team 8A would like to nominate Matt Lepore and Giovanna Piacenti as students of the month for March. Both students are incredibly hard workers. They are both kind and polite to their peers and their teachers. Giovanna always has a smile on her face and shows dedication to her work. Matt has a great sense of humor and works hard to solve problems presented in his classes. Thank you both for your continued hard work and positive attitudes!

Team 8B would like to show our appreciation this month to Amelia Dalessio and Celia Tombalakian.

Amelia is a diligent worker who seeks understanding and clarification to assure her best understanding of concepts. She goes over and beyond what is asked of her, as well. She has a mature understanding and interest of the world which both benefit her especially in both social studies and Ela.

Celia is helpful and is a quiet force. She is organized and manages her time well. She demonstrates a great understanding of concepts in all of her subjects. Her contribution to any group of which she is a part is exceptional making her a wonderful team player.

Thank you to both of you for your consistent and appreciated efforts!