May 2022

Team 6A

There are two students who get a special shout out from Team 6A for being exemplary members of our MJS community! We want to recognize Alina George and Ana Suazo Grau for their selfless contributions to their classmates and teachers.

Alina shows up with a positive attitude each day. She is very hardworking and helpful when anybody asks. Alina is always courteous, prepared for class, and eager to learn. She seems to have found the perfect balance between social and academic priorities. Alina rocks!

Ana has progressed so much since September! She is always respectful to her teachers and works hard in class. When her friend arrived at MJS mid-year, Ana was very helpful. She walked with her to her classes and continues to help explain directions and content. Ana is awesome!

Team 6B

We are so lucky to be rounding out our school year with 2 incredible Leaders of the Month! Our 6B leaders of the month exhibit a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. They demonstrate excellent citizenship and are concerned about the feelings of their peers.

Hooray for Avnee Arora and Ayla Shojai! Both Avnee and Alya enhance our community in so many positive ways, just by being themselves.

Avnee is considerate and friendly to her classmates. She works well with others and treats people with respect. Avnee seeks responsibilities and always follows through!

Ayla Shojai brings the whole class together with her unending enthusiasm. She has a great sense of humor and the most contagious laugh.

We thank you for your thoughtful interactions in class and wish you the best of luck in 7th grade! 

Team 7A

With a sense of confidence as bold as her hair color, 7A celebrates Brooke Gundlach as Leader of the Month. Brooke is so quick to ask insightful, meaningful questions, and her thoughtful participation brightens the room and inspires all.

7A also honors Jack Chupp as Leader of the Month. His quiet but wickedly-sharp sense of humor and clever wit shine through in all he does. Jack is a keen observer and is quick to share his ideas, and we're so glad to have him as such an integral part of our classroom community.

Hooray, Brooke G and Jack C!

Team 7B

Team 7B enthusiastically congratulates Kate Henkes and Alasdair Greer as our May Leaders of the Month!

A joyful spirit, positive attitude and a heart of gold, Kate Henkes is the ultimate participant in her classes! Kate also displays a true willingness to work with anyone she is placed with showing her sense of community. If you looked up hardworking in the dictionary, you would surely find a picture of Kate because of her dedication to achieving. Kate, we are all so proud of you and the energy you bring to all of your classes!

Representing a sense of purpose every day in class, Alasdair is known for getting down to business as soon as he enters a classroom! Hardworking, conscientious and a team player, is how his teachers describe him. He is always attentive and a leader in class discussions where Alasdair shares great insights about all topics. He always gives 110% to every challenge or assignment. Alasdair is a great role model for others as he is always seen as doing the right thing not for praise by his teachers, but because he has strength of character. Alasdair, you are a prime example of a great choice for leader of the month!

Team 8A

Team 8A is proud to announce Kate Mack and Javi Izzo as their leaders of the month for May.

Kate always has a positive outlook and a smile on her face. She is alert and attentive to her work, but always makes sure to help those around her when needed. She is thoughtful and insightful in her classroom contributions.

Javi is a positive influence on others. His work is always completed even when balancing classwork with extra curriculars. His dedication to his studies and patience demonstrate model behavior. 

Team 8B

Mackenzie Dickson and Andres Lopez Del Rio have been selected as leaders of the month for May by the teachers of Team B!

Mackenzie is a pleasant, hard working young person who has recently “come out of her shell” willing to take risks and persevere. She has been described as “shining in class as an active participant.

Andres has been described as a team player who is kind, caring and responsible. His flexibility and positive spirit make him a welcome addition to any classroom or group.

Both of these students are commended for their achievement!