Team 6A wants to celebrate Grace Garrity as our Leader of the Month for November. Grace is respectful of others, comes to class with a smile each day, is hardworking, and most importantly she is a good kind person. She has been caught helping her peers out and is a leader in the classroom. She consistently chooses kindness in all situations.

Congratulations to Grace for being selected as the Team 6A Leader of the month for November. We are proud of the you and all of our students who are future leaders! We are truly thankful this holiday season to have such great students.


6B has 2 remarkable leaders of the month for November. Congratulations to Lily Majocha and Will Guarino! LIly has a quiet demeanor, and always has a smile for her classmates and teachers. She brightens up every room she walks into. Will goes above and beyond in everything he does. He is always willing to assist students who need help. LIly and Will are both responsible and respectful students. Awesome job Lily and Wil!


7A leaders of the month are Cecilia Timmons and Myles Burroughs. As teachers, we know that no matter the task, Cecilia and Myles are 100% focused, and their output is always impressive. They are helpful to peers in the classroom, and conduct themselves with maturity and thoughtfulness, which makes them great role models for others. Keep it up, Cecilia & Myles


Jake Rodin and Lyla Sackin are 7B’s November leaders of the month. They are both rock stars in every sense! Jake is kind, helpful and respectful. He is motivated to do his best work and always has his hand raised in class. Lyla always wants to be her best self, looking for ways to improve her skills every day. She’s a sweet and cooperative young lady who puts in 200% all the time. Congrats to both of these shining stars!


Team 8A is proud to announce Dylan Hock and Charlotte Forrester as our November students of the month. Both of these students are exceptionally studious and conscientious. They are dedicated students who stay on top of their work and actively communicate with their teachers and peers. Dylan and Charlotte are model participants in classroom discussions and activities and as teachers we are thankful for their consistently positive attitudes. Keep up the good work! 


The teachers of 8B are thrilled to announce Sam Valez Agudelo and Julia Cristostomo as our November leaders of the month. Both of these exceptional students are conscientious, hard working young people who also go out of their way to be helpful to teachers and fellow students. Sam’s work ethic goes beyond his desire for good grades. He truly desires to learn new things. Julia demonstrates a positive attitude each and every day and demonstrates a strong motivation to succeed. Thank you both for your consistent efforts!