October 2021


Team 6A is ecstatic to declare that PJ Finkelday and Paulina Cienfuegos Figueroa are the Leaders of the Month for October. They are both responsible, motivated, and passionate students who come to school every day with a smile, an excitement for learning, and a dedication for going above and beyond. PJ and Paulina both pay very close attention to details and make sure that their daily work is accurate and of the utmost quality. They are both model students that set a positive example for their peers working hard not only for themselves, but to help their peers as well. Their work ethic and focus on doing well is an inspiration to team 6A fitting the definition of being a leader.


Team 6B is proud to announce their October leaders of the month. Congratulations Gaby Cespedes and Carter McLoughlin! Both Gabby and Carter are wonderful examples of respectful leaders. They are attentive and supportive during group activities, and they allow others to share different ideas. When they communicate with their teachers and classmates it is with the utmost respect. Well done Gaby and Carter!


Team 7A recognizes Emanuel Gonzalez and Caitlin Weller as Leaders of the Month. Emanuel is a stand-out superstar in class, and he always offers his sharp ideas in class. Emanuel got stung by a wasp FOUR TIMES and still showed grace and calm...proof that nothing can hold Emanuel back! Caitlin sets a great example in each of her classes. She's a careful worker, and approaches every task with 100% effort. Caitlin has such an upbeat, positive approach. Way to go, Caitlin and Emanuel!


Team 7B recognizes Bridget Bria and Sophia Myers as Leaders of the Month.

Bridget Bria is such a positive role model for her classmates. She is a great collaborator and is always an active participant in class discussions. She is a diligent worker and it shows in her academic performance. Bria is always friendly and respectful to others.

Sophia Meyers is another example of a diligent worker. She is super helpful with her peers and participates in all of her classes. She always puts forth A+ effort.


Team 8A would like to congratulate Kate Reigle and Cal Regan as our October Leaders of the Month. Kate and Cal always display upbeat and positive attitudes. They are willing to help those around them and always show respect to their teachers and peers. They are both active participants in classroom discussions and continually put forth their best effort. Thank you Kate and Cal for all of your hard work!


Team 8B would like to congratulate Ben Engel and Stella Reheman as our leaders of the month for October. Ben makes interesting connections and asks meaningful questions that enhance class discussion. He is also eager to provide clarification to his classmates and help others stay on track. He is such a team player and makes a consistent effort to help others.

Stella is constantly providing good ideas and taking the lead in group work. She is a role model both in and out of class. She takes an active role in class discussions and comes to class with positivity and a smile.

Both Ben and Stella are so appreciated by their teachers.