Elementary School

Art instruction begins in kindergarten where each student receives one forty-minute class each week. In elementary school, children experience a wide variety of art forms including painting, drawing, printmaking, weaving, 3-dimensional construction and ceramics/clay. Students are also exposed to the historical and social aspects of the visual arts and learn the critical components involved in art appreciation. The elements of art and the principals of design serve as the foundation for all instruction in elementary through high school.

Junior School

Students continue their art education at Madison Junior School. Like our elementary program, the middle school program is a standards-based program. The goal of our middle school program is to develop a lifelong relationship with the visual arts based on first-hand experience in art-making. Students will exit the middle school knowing how to create value, respond to, and understand the cultural implications of visual arts. This will be achieved through many different activities including painting, sculpture, art history/culture, computer technology, mixed media, and collage.

High School

In high school, many students take art electives as preparation for a career in the arts or other related fields such as architecture, advertising, graphic design, and a host of related careers. Courses include 3-D Design, Digital Photo, Art Studio, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics and AP Art Studio.

At this level, our students participate in many local, state, and national competitions and contests. Each year in June the Fine Arts department holds an Art Exhibition at The College of St. Elizabeth, which highlights and celebrates the works of all our student artists in a large gallery setting.

Art Faculty
  • Heather Sokolowski
  • Madison Berry
  • Sarah Fiedler
  • Gilbert Thompson
  • Lauren Waselik