Business Curriculum

The goal of the business education program is to provide students with valuable knowledge and skills requisite for success in this field. In addition, students are exposed to a wide variety of subjects that enable them to broaden their horizons as well as engage in exciting educational opportunities.

Madison Public Schools offers courses in business in both the Junior School and High School.

Students take their first business course, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, at the Junior School in grade 6, followed by Consumer Science in grade 7. When they enter high school, there are additional elective courses in business offered to the students including Personal Finance, Introduction to Business, and Global Marketing.

As a graduation requirement set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education, effective with the Class of 2014, students must take a minimum of 2.5 credits (1 semester) of financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy. This may be accomplished by taking one of the following courses: Personal Finance, Introduction to Business, or Global Marketing.

District curriculum documents can be found here