Music Department Faculty

  • Russ Batsch
    Concert Band Director and Jazz and Marching Band Director, Madison High School
  • Kiera Chiarino
    Chorus Director, Central Avenue SchoolClassroom Music, Central Avenue School
  • Ariana Ciolino
    Chorus Director, Madison Junior School
  • Kathleen McCormick
    Strings Teacher and Orchestra Director, Madison Junior School
    All-City Orchestra Director
  • Laurie Quinlan
    Strings Teacher and Orchestra Director, Torey J. Sabatini, Central Avenue and
    Kings Road Schools
  • Adriana Adkins
    Band Director, Torey J. Sabatini and Central Avenue Schools
  • Sarah Jordan
    Chorus Director, Madison High School
    Jazz Chorus Director and Spring Musical Vocal Director, Madison High School
  • Matthew Rossi
    Band teacher, Kings Road, and Madison Junior Schools
  • Leo Sabatino
    Band Director, Madison Junior School
  • Michael Silvestri
    Strings Teacher, Orchestra and Guitar Ensemble Director, Music Theory and Technology, AP Music Theory, Madison High School
  • Donna Ward
    Chorus and General Music, Kings Road and Torey J Sabatini Elementary Schools

Art Department Faculty

  • Mrs. Heather Sokolowski
    Madison High School
  • Ms. Madison Berry
    Madison High School
  • Ms. Sarah Fiedler
    Madison Junior School
  • Mr. Gilbert Thompson
    Kings Road, Torey J Sabatini Schools
  • Ms. Lauren Waselik
    Central Avenue School