School Reopening Plan 2021-2022

Madison Public Schools

Morris County

Updated 2021.12.23


This plan outlines provisions identified by the Madison Public School District regarding the reentry toschool in the 2021-2022 year. The items enumerated in this plan have been developed in accordancewith the prevailing guidance from the NJ Department of Education, the NJ Department of Health, and avariety of other organizations. This plan outlines a wide range of provisions organized according in thecategories listed below:

  1. District Demographic Report
  2. Model for Reopening
  3. Equitable Access and Technology
  4. General Health and Safety Guidelines
  5. Health Screening and Reporting Procedures
  6. Symptom Response Procedures
  7. Communication Regarding School Reopening Plan
  8. Information and Training for Staff
  9. Instructional Overview
  10. Recess and Physical Education
  11. Visitor Policy
  12. Services for English Language Learners
  13. Services for Students with Special Needs
  14. Counseling Services and Nursing Services
  15. Other Related Services
  16. Child Study Team Services
  17. Meal Services
  18. Home Instruction
  19. Facilities Maintenance and Protocols
  20. Other Operational Accommodations
  21. Review and Approval Processes
  22. Summary
  1. District Demographic Report

The latest district demographic report, as published in the 2019-20 School Performance Reports, canbe found here.

  1. Model for Reopening

The district is preparing to operate on a full-time schedule of in-person learning for all students. Students in grades K-12 will also be provided with opportunities to consume lunch in a safe and secure manner. In grades K-5, students will also be given the opportunity to engage in recess activities using a specified schedule. Parents are encouraged to refer to communications from their child(ren)’s respective school principals regarding specific building-based schedules.

Students enrolled in special education preschool programs at Central Avenue School will attend based on the schedule as outlined in their individual IEPs. Students enrolled in general education preschool programs will attend five half-day sessions per week as originally scheduled.

Limitations regarding remote access to the classroom

In accordance with NJDOE guidance, remote learning opportunities will be available to students who are instructed to isolate or quarantine in connection with exposure to a positive case of COVID-19. Such students will be identified and subsequently notified through the contact tracing process. Students who are granted remote access to the classroom will experience a full-day of learning with the same time allocations as in-person students, not less than four hours of instruction.

Temporary District/School/Class-wide shifts to fully-remote instruction

Should coronavirus transmission reach a level that schools must temporarily close to in-person learning to protect public health, the district/schools/classroom will shift immediately to fully-remote instruction as directed by the Superintendent. Such instructional shifts will be temporary and their duration will be closely monitored by the district and the local health department. While schools are operating on a fully-remote instruction basis, the daily school schedules may be altered as necessary to support students. Under no circumstances will fully remote instructional time be less than four hours per day.

Technology solutions to support remote participation in the in-person environment

The district is committed to providing support for remote learners while staff are teaching in anin-person learning environment. Classroom spaces have been provided with tools that cansuccessfully deliver instruction concurrently to learners in-class and at home. Technology staff haveestablished that document cameras and SMART Boards, which are both available in every generalclassroom space, can be used for synchronous instruction through video conferencing software.Additionally, the district has added a number of speaker systems to classrooms in order to amplifythe teacher’s voice to a level that can be heard clearly by remote learners through the computermicrophone. Additional solutions will continue to be explored.

Assignment submission and grading in the blended learning environment

All remote student work will be submitted electronically through Google Classroom. Whennecessary, a teacher may allow work to be submitted through email. For students that lackappropriate technology, all assignments and student work may be submitted when normal schooloperations resume. Grading will be based on content mastery demonstrated through a variety ofassignment types.

All instruction and assessment practices will align with the MPS Standards of Practice for BlendedLearning.

  1. Equitable Access and Technology

Instructional materials will be provided in a variety of means. All resources will be made available to students in an appropriate fashion and will be differentiated as needed to align withindividual student needs.

Equitable technology access

All students in grades K-12 will be furnished with a district-issued Chromebook. The district willregularly review where there may be a lack of access to acomputer or Internet connectivity and will provide resources to ensure remote access, asappropriate.

Technology support

To assist families of students participating in remote instruction, the district technology department has set up a helpline thatcan be reached by families who require assistance with any technology-related issues. Additionaltechnology resources for students who are learning through remote means can be found on thedistrict website. If a student’s technology is in need of repair or replacement, the district will provideopportunities for new devices to be distributed.

Paper-based options

For students that may not be able to access the lessons via technology or for whom online deliveryof instruction is not appropriate, paper-based materials may be made available. Teachers will provideguidance regarding how these materials can be acquired.

  1. General Health and Safety Guidelines

The district is committed to following health guidelines that can help promote a safe and equitablelearning environment. A list of resources from the CDC, NJDOE, and NJDOH have been used to guidethe development of such guidelines with supplemental documentation from the American Academyof Pediatrics, the World Health Organization, and other health and wellness organizations. Inaddition to these behavioral guidelines, facilities measures, including cleaning and ventilationtreatments, are identified under the Facilities “Maintenance and Protocols”section of this document.

General guidelines for health and safety include the following measures:

Physical distancing parameters will be implemented in all schools, as deemed appropriate.

  • The district will strive to provide a baseline of 3 feet of physical distancing when indoors
  • Ingress and egress plans will be modified to ensure that students and staff can safelyenter and exit the facility with appropriate distancing.
  • Classroom spaces will be redesigned to accommodate required spacing.
  • Passing time for students will be minimized to reduce the number of potentialinteractions among staff and students during the day.
  • Signage and floor decals will be used to establish social distancing with one-way hallwaytravel, where appropriate.
  • Locker use will be limited in order to reduce student interaction in confined spaces.
  • School safety drills, such as fire drills and security drills will be modified in accordancewith NJDOE guidance, pending anticipated guidance, so that distancing can bemaintained while ensuring that students and staff are aware of proper procedures in theevent of a real emergency.

Face coverings will be required for all students and staff while in school.

  • The district will follow all appropriate guidelines regarding face covering per NJ Executive Order 251 (EO 251).
  • The district will accommodate students who are unable to wear masks by providing faceshields or other options, as appropriate.
  • Breaks will be scheduled throughout the day to provide staff and students with relieffrom wearing face coverings.

Personal Protective Equipment will be provided to staff, as appropriate.

  • Staff members will each be provided with masks as needed.
  • The district will also provide face shields for staff who request that additional safetyprecautions be taken.
  • School nurses will be provided with N95 masks and face shields.
  • Special Services staff whose duties require frequent and close contact with students willbe provided with face shields in addition to face masks in order to engage students in asafe/secure manner.
  • School personnel and students will receive ongoing training on the appropriateuse and disposal of PPE. Such training will be developed and implemented by SchoolNurses at each building.

Hand hygiene procedures will be implemented at each school.

  • Students and staff will follow protocols related to regular hand washing and sanitizing
  • Hand washing/sanitizing will be encouraged to occur:
    • Upon entering the building
    • After changing classrooms or locations
    • After bathroom use
    • Before and after eating
    • Prior to dismissal
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been installed in each classroom and in common areas
  • Contactless hand soap stations, bottle filling stations, and hand drying stations will beinstalled, as feasible

Compliance with safety procedures will be expected as a matter of respect for the well-beingof self and others

  • Proper PPE usage must be in place at all times
  • Proper distancing and hallway procedures must be followed at all times
  • Hand hygiene procedures must be followed at all times
  • Non-compliance will be addressed proactively
    • Students will be provided with training and coaching in order to increasecompliance with safety precautions
    • In the event that there is repeated noncompliance, restorative/supportiveinitiatives will be implemented

Signage will encourage safe behavior

  • Maintaining 3 feet of distancing will be encouraged through floor decals and othersignage
  • Compliance with PPE, including mask wearing, will be encouraged through signage
  • Proper hand hygiene practices signage will be made available in bathrooms
  • Other health and safety procedures may be addressed through signage.

Reasonable accommodations will be considered for students and staff and may include:

  • Additional PPE
  • Plastic or plexiglass partitions
  1. Health Screening and Reporting Procedures

The district is committed to providing thorough screening procedures for staff and students upontheir reentry to school. In all situations, should a staff member or student present withCOVID-related symptoms, the district will work closely with the NJ Department of Health withregard to the district response, follow-up actions, and sharing of information for the purpose of theDepartment of Health’s contact tracing efforts. The district will coordinate with the Department ofHealth regarding the latest data, testing efforts, and guidance to ensure that procedures and policiesfollow the relevant guidelines.

For planning and tracking purposes, all staff and students will complete an annual attestation form documenting their commitment to daily healthscreening procedures. Parents of students who demonstrate any potential sign of illness must contact the School Nurse immediately. Parents will be instructed to keep their child home and seek medical attention. In order for students to return to school, they must obtain and submit proper medical clearance prior to their return. Staff who demonstrate any potential sign of illness will also be instructed to remain home. Staff are also required to seek medical attention and obtain proper medical clearance prior to their return.

Additional data regarding recent travel and contact with potentially symptomatic individuals willalso be gathered in the above process. School personnel will carefully review any contact from parents regarding potential student illness inorder to appropriately monitor which students are able to attend school and those that are requiredto remain home.

In addition, staff will be provided with training on the observable signs and symptoms of potentialillness in students. If any signs/symptoms are observed, students will immediately be referred to thehealth office for evaluation.

As noted above, in accordance with applicable procedures and Board policies, the district willmaintain regular communication with the NJ Department of Health regarding appropriate steps forreporting, contact tracing, and other items.

  1. Symptom Response Procedures

To ensure that potentially infected staff or students do not spread the virus to any other individuals, the district has established the following procedures in accordance with NJDOH guidance.

Student symptom response

In an instance where a student demonstrates signs/symptoms associated with COVID-19 while in school, the teacher will notify the school nurse prior to having the student sent to the health office. Depending on the age level of the student, the teacher may contact the main office in order to identify an adult who can escort the student to the health office. When navigating the hallways, students will be required to wear their individual face covering. Upon arrival at the health office, the school nurse will receive the child and subsequently close the office to further student visitors while the student is assessed for COVID-19-like symptoms. The nurse’s office will remain closed for the entire duration of the assessment. In the case where another child needs to be seen by the nurse, that student will either remain in their classroom setting or be escorted to the nurse’s secondary office location that has been identified in each building for assistance.

While examining the potentially ill student, the school nurse will use an N-95 mask, face shield and gloves. Based on the assessment and review of relevant health records of the student, the school nurse may choose to send the child home for the day or have them return to class. In the event that there is a suspected case of COVID-19, the school nurse will contact the parent/guardian and have them pick their child up as soon as possible. The student will remain in the health office, under the supervision of the school nurse, until their parent/guardian arrives to pick them up. When assisting the student in exiting the building, the school nurse will arrange for a specified pick up location where the parent can remain outside of the building. For further guidance, parents are referred to the MPS Rules for Return to School.

Given the potential concerns pertaining to COVID-19, the school nurse will contact the Department of Health to provide a basic notification. Subsequent to the child’s departure, the health office and any other classroom spaces where the student spent time will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Once the spaces have been thoroughly cleaned, they may be reopened.

Staff symptom response

If a staff member becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms while at school, the staff member will be safely and respectfully isolated from others. The staff member will be required to leave the school building and seek medical attention. Individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to submit themselves for testing. For further guidance, staff members are referred to the MPS Rules for Return to School.

Any and all instructional spaces/offices that a symptomatic staff member accessed will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Positive COVID-19 cases in school

Upon confirmation of a positive case of COVID-19 within the school, the appropriate school personnel will work in conjunction with the Department of Health to identify any and all close contacts. The school nurse and building administration will notify all close contacts as well as notify the individuals of the necessary period of quarantine. Aside from the notification, any classroom spaces where the student/staff member spent time will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This includes the school nurses’ office. Cleaning staff will clean and disinfect all areas (e.g., offices, bathrooms, and common areas) used by persons who are suspected of having COVID-19, focusing especially on frequently touched surfaces.

  1. Communication Regarding School Reopening Plan

The Superintendent of Schools or designee will communicate weekly with representatives from the Departmentof Health to receive guidance and make school closure determinations. Any district closure and itsduration will be communicated by the Superintendent of Schools via email, phone, and the districtwebsite.

All guidance and documentation in support of the reopening plan will be centralized on a dedicateddistrict webpage.

School principals will also communicate regularly with their parent population to share morelocalized information regarding procedures, schedules, facilities items, and instruction.

  1. Information and Training for Staff

In order to prepare for the return to school, the district has allocated significant funding and time toprovide professional development for collaborative planning among staff members and theadministration. All staff members have been issued a district-owned laptop computer to supportplanning throughout the summer and for use during the school year. For the purpose of this plan,the following preparation dates and goals have been identified:

Date Structures and Goals
Summer 2021
  • Continuation of the District Restart Committee, which incorporatefeedback from a variety of stakeholder groups regarding thereopening of school in each scenario
  • Paid curriculum work and planning meetings for staff
  • Administrative planning
  • District Goal Workgroups that allow for staff collaboration in thedevelopment of district goals and improvement planning in a varietyof areas, including Innovation and Engagement, Equitable Outcomes, and SEL/Citizenship/Inclusion.
New StaffOrientation 2021(8/23 & 8/24)
  • Workshops on best practices regarding meeting students’ social andemotional needs, restorative classroom practices, and building a positive learning community within the classroom
  • Technology support and differentiated training on Google Classroom
  • Expectations related to the district goals and the MPS Standards of Practice for Effective BlendedLearning
  • Building-based professional time
Staff Inservice 2021(8/25-8/27)
  • Building-based training regarding health and safety procedures and expectations.
  • Training and norming regarding the MPS Standards of Practice for Effective BlendedLearning
  • Training on the district’s multi-tiered systems of support and an introduction to the district’s new SEL/academic warehousing program Panorama
  • Collaborative time to assist staff members in implementing new core and supplemental academic programs
  • DEI training and coaching for all educators provided by Board counsel
  • Time allocated for teachers to prepare their classrooms, including theremoval of non-essential furniture and materials to accommodatemaximum distancing between students and to test essentialtechnologies.
  • The district will continue to support staff development throughregularly scheduled professional growth activities and meetings at thebuilding and district level.

Return-to-work information

All staff will be expected to return to work in person. Appropriate safety measures will be in place for all staff and reasonable accommodations willbe considered as is appropriate. Building-based substitute teachers will be employed to providecoverage as needed for staff absences or breaks.

Human Resources management

All human resources-related activities will be overseen by the Assistant Superintendent forCurriculum, Instruction, and Personnel, including but not limited to daily absence management,short- and long-term leaves of absence, payroll and health benefits concerns, and legal compliancewith items such as electronic device usage, photo and video consent, and copyright fair use.

Compliance with Executive Order 253

Effective October 2021, NJ Executive Order 253 (EO 253) requires districts to “maintain a policy that requires all covered workers to either provide adequate proof to the covered setting that they have been fully vaccinated or submit to COVID-19 testing at minimum one to two times weekly.” Employees and those with “regular” activities in the schools are asked to submit confidential vaccination records to the Office of Human Resources. Those who did not submit such proof have been required to submit a negative COVID-19 test weekly in order to be eligible to continue providing their services. On-site testing has been provided once per week since November 2, 2021. Confidential records are being kept electronically.

  1. Instructional Overview

The district is committed to delivering high-quality instruction for all students bycontinuing blended learning principles and guidelines, educator commitments to students andparents, and well-defined support to ensure consistency of instruction and student outcomes.

General Information

The district uses Google Apps for Education for students at all levels and all students in the districthave Google accounts. Google Classroom will therefore be used by staff as the primary platform tofacilitate learning, communicate with students and families, and post and organize assignments. Thefocus for instruction at all levels is to ensure that students continue to progress towardaccomplishment of learning goals via meaningful and appropriate instruction. Each day, studentswill engage in various activities that are aligned to the standards and curriculum progressionsin order to foster student mastery of skills and content.

MPS Blended Learning Principles and Practice Standards

Effective instructional practice is defined by a well-established set of expectations and principles. Inconsidering content delivery to students in both an in-person and remote environment, the districthas established a core set of MPS Blended Learning Practices that include protocols for GoogleClassroom implementation. This structure addresses not only the “why” behind the district’s approach toblended learning but also outlines the “how” regarding clear and accessible implementation. Thisdocumentation also includes explicit guidance regarding the “big 4” of blended learning: (1) Thelearning management system; (2) The site of content storage; (3) Tools for synchronous instruction;and (4) Tools for asynchronous instruction. The documentation will be reviewed and adjusted asneeded throughout the year to ensure success throughout the district.

Along with this documentation, the district may develop guidelines for remote learning that setforth age-appropriate expectations for participating in lessons virtually. Such expectations mayinclude sitting upright while participating and requiring webcams to be turned on.

Information for Parents

The district will support parents and their children by maintaining the MPS Blended Learning Commitmentsto Students and Parents. All critical information regarding our reopening efforts will becommunicated at the school level on a regular basis. Teachers willmaintain all information related to student logins and passwords and will share such informationwith families as needed.

Accessibility of Materials

All documentation created by the district for the purpose of establishing blended learning principles,practice standards, technology use protocols, and other items, will be made available in Spanish andwill be posted on the district website for ease of use.

  1. Recess and Physical Education

The district recognizes the importance of physical education and regular breaks within the learningenvironment. Live, in-person Physical Education will be scheduled for all students throughout the district. All appropriate content parameters under N.J.A.C. 6A:8 and time allocations underN.J.S.A. 18A:35-8 will also be met through the district plans.

Students will have accessto outdoor play and breaks within parameters of appropriate physical distancing. All recess andphysical education activities will be staggered to ensure appropriate distancing. Signage, cones, andother markers will be used to facilitate student movement. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer according to the protocolsof each building.

  1. Visitor Policy

Visitor access to the school buildings will be limited. Only those individuals who have scheduled appointments with the appropriate school personnel will be granted access to the buildings. All essential visitors will be granted access upon approval of the building principal. Such limitations are designed to minimize any potential unnecessary exposure and will be implemented out of an abundance of caution.

  1. Services for English Language Learners

English Language Learners in grades K-12 will have access to high quality in-person instruction. The district has added one new ESL teacher to ensure that each building has a full-time staff member to support English Language Learners through high-intensity instruction. Google Classroom folders with reading, writing, and listening activities will also be posted to further support these learners.

  1. Services for Students with Special Needs

All services will specifically focus on addressing the goals and objectives outlined in each student’sIndividualized Education Program (IEP). Specialeducation staff members will provide live, direct, and explicit instruction. Such instruction will continue to be developed inaccordance with the goals, objectives, accommodations, and modifications as outlined in thestudents’ IEPs and consistent with standards and curriculum assigned to students on remotelearning days. Special education staff shall continue to collaborate with general education teachersand other staff as appropriate to ensure continuity of instruction for special education students andto adapt the learning resources noted above at all grade levels to the learning needs of students.

For students who attend Out of District Placements, Child Study Team members will regularlyconsult with parents as well as representatives from the respective Out of District Schools to ensurecontinuity of programming for students. Parents are encouraged to reach out to their child’s casemanager directly with any specific question or concern.

With regard to auxiliary and remedial services (Chapters 192 and 193) for students enrolled innonpublic schools, the district has been and will remain in contact with the contracted serviceprovider (ESC of Morris County) as well as representatives from the nonpublic school(s) in order toensure continuity of service that are consistent with students’ individual service plans

  1. Counseling Services and Nursing Services

District counseling and nursing staff will be available for students and their families. SchoolNurses will regularly monitor the status of medically fragile students through regular consultationwith parents as well as the students’ treating medical professionals.

  1. Other Related Services

Related service providers will use a variety of tools and modalities to engage students and provide for continuity of service. The related service providers continue to structure therapy sessions using students’ individual goals and objectives as outlined in their IEPs. To further support students, the related service providers will continue to gather and disseminate relevant materials and resources including instructional applications in order to support students. This applies to all related services including speech, occupational, and physical therapy as well as counseling, behavior consultation, and deaf/hard-of-hearing services. In order to document services, will track therapy sessions via individual logs.

Progress pertaining to student attainment of individual goals and objectives will continue to beprovided via quarterly progress reports that are made available to parents digitally.

  1. Child Study Team Services

Child Study Team members will continue to provide consultation services to students, staff, and parents via in-person means. As appropriate and necessary, Child Study Team meetings such as Initial Identification and Planning, Initial Eligibility, Reevaluation(s) and Annual Review(s) will occur via virtual platforms and include participation from all required individuals including parents, CST members, General/Special Education Teachers and other personnel as necessary. In-person assessments will continue using carefully designed protocols that attempt to mitigate the potential for viral spread. Parents may elect for their child not to receive an assessment at the present time. Where possible, members of the Child Study Team and Related Service Providers will conduct evaluations via functional assessment measures, structured checklists, rating scales and questionnaires. Additionally, School Social Workers will continue to conduct social assessments via extensive review of records as well as a clinical interview with parents. This pertains to initial evaluations as well as reevaluations.

Child Study Team members will continue to regularly consult with families to ensure continuity of services are implemented in accordance with their children’s IEPs to the greatest extent possible. The members of the Child Study Team will remain in frequent contact with general and special education teachers as well as related service providers to ensure implementation of services for students as well as to determine the potential need for adjustments to students’ individualized programs. Any such determination will be made on a case by case basis, through the collaborative efforts of the IEP team and based on a comprehensive review of students' individual needs.

Child study team members shall remain in contact with their students and families during a school closure and provide appropriate support as needed.

  1. Meal Services

The district recognizes that providing meals to students in need is an important aspect of itsoperations. Students will be provided with opportunities to purchase and/or consume meals during designated snack/lunch periods throughout the instructional day. Parents are encouraged to refer to communications from their child’s respective school principal regarding the specific daily schedule. In all circumstances, efforts will be made to ensure that food distribution practices comply with safety protocols. For students that are on remote instruction, meals will be available for pick-up daily and/or weekly if they choose.

  1. Home Instruction

Students who demonstrate documented medical needs which necessitate home instruction services will be required to submit the written request for services in accordance with the district’s Home Instruction Policy. District personnel will work collaboratively with parents and the necessary medical providers to determine the most appropriate manner in which home instruction services should be provided.

  1. Facilities Maintenance and Protocols

In-house custodial/maintenance protocols

  • The Lead Custodian will assign sections of the building to each staff member.
  • All staff must take their temperature at home before coming to work.
  • All staff should wear a mask, gloves and eye protection when working.
  • Staff should wash their hands often throughout their shift.
  • All staff must practice social distancing to the best of their ability.
  • All summer work began on 7/1/21.
  • All vehicles used should be cleaned at the end of the day.

Cleaning protocols

  • General Guidelines
  • EPA-approved cleaning products will be used throughout district facilities and will be labeledappropriately. Hand sanitizer, technology-safe sanitizing wipes, and classroom furnituredisinfectant will be provided in each classroom.
  • Supply consumption will be monitored quarterly. Six months of supplies have been obtained.
  • Cleaning and disinfectant supplies will be monitored weekly to establish consumption rates.
  • Sanitizer consumption- 1 case per dispenser of sanitizer (6 cartridges) should provide a sixmonth supply.
  • Soap consumption will be monitored on a daily basis by lead custodians to establishconsumption rates.
  • High-touch areas will be disinfected after students enter the building, in the middle of the day,and after dismissal. These areas include but are not limited to:
    • Classroom desks and chairs
    • Multipurpose rooms (not used for lunch)
    • Areas designated for before and after school activities (after students exit in AM/beforereturn in PM)
    • Door handles/push bars
    • Handrails
    • Kitchen - limited food preparation days and will be cleaned after each use
    • Light switches
    • Equipment handles
  • Main offices/nurses offices will be disinfected by staff upon departure and disinfected bycustodial staff every evening.
  • Drinking fountains have been replaced with bottle filling stations and will be sanitized periodicallythroughout the day.
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized after designated bathroom breaks and will be periodically cleanedthroughout the day.
  • Custodial/maintenance staff will be responsible for submitting the cleaning protocol checklistafter each shift is completed.

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) considerations

  • HVAC inspections for all buildings are being conducted prior to the start of school to identifyareas in need of remediation. Remediated actions may include HVAC repair, window opening,and/or the installation of air cleaning units (such as Blue 211+ HEPA-grade air cleaning units)
  • In K-8 buildings, unit ventilators and roof-top unit systems provide fresh air exchangethroughout the schools. All K-8 systems have been newly serviced for 2021-22 and include Needlepoint BipolarIonization systems, to provide pathogen protection and reduce air particulate.
  • In Madison High School an HVAC Renovation Project is currently underway and is estimated to be complete on November 19, 2021. This includes the installation of 46 unit ventilators and 5 rooftop units. The unit ventilators will be installed in 46 classrooms to provide a fresh air exchange and heat supply. The 5 rooftop units will provide a fresh air supply as well as heating and air conditioning to the cafeteria, the guidance wing, and administrative offices. To achievefresh air supply prior to the completion of this project, windows should be opened at all times and HEPA-grade air cleaning units willbe provided. The existing heating system will remain in place until the transfer is completed. At that time, the existing heating system will be disabled and the unit ventilators and the rooftop units will be the source of heat as well as a fresh air supply. This will allow staff members to close windows during the colder months.

Contracted services

Under current COVID-related operating conditions, access to the building by contractors will belimited, where possible when students and staff are present in the building.

  • Contracted services will be scheduled by the Facilities Secretary.
  • All contractors must submit an Essential Building Access Form before arriving.
  • Only one contractor at a time will be permitted on site.
  • No more than 10 contractors are permitted, unless authorized by the Superintendent.
  • All contractors must have PPE including a mask, gloves, and eye protection.
  • All contractors must practice social distancing to the best of their ability.
  1. Other Operational Accommodations


  • The district is partnering with the Educational Services Commission (ESC) of Morris County forregular and special education transportation services.
  • ESC will be following NJDOE guidance for best practice cleaning protocols
  • Regular in-district students will be required to wear a mask upon entering the bus andthroughout the entire length of their bus ride.
  • Students will be required to maintain physical distancing practices while on the buses to theextent practicable.
  • Students will enter and exit the bus in the order of their pick up and drop off times. Studentsthat enter the bus first will be seated in the back of the bus.
  • Parents will have the option to waive their transportation per 18A:39-1c.

Additional Items

  • Payroll will be continued for all staff on the regular pay schedule
  • Food services staff will report to our facilities to provide meal service for eligible students
  • BOE Meetings will be conducted in person until guidance advises otherwise.
  1. Review and Approval Processes

This reopening plan is to be posted to the district website, shared with the Harding School District, and provided to the NJDOE and the Madison Health Department. The district will endeavorto incorporate feedback and suggestions for improvement to this plan and will amend said plan as necessary.

  1. Summary

Madison Public Schools is committed to the safe and successful reopening of school in whateverformat is appropriate given the health information available. This plan as submitted is subject tochange based on updated guidance from the NJ Department of Education and the NJ Department ofHealth, as well as any other applicable agency.