World Language Honor Society

Students are eligible for consideration into MHS World Language Honor Societies when they become juniors. Qualified students must have completed Honors Level 4 with an A- or higher and be currently enrolled in Honors Level 5 or AP. Candidates must have an A- or higher in their language course during the semester of induction, and an A- in each preceding year of language study and be recommended by their current and previous language teachers. In addition to the scholarship, membership shall be based on leadership in language activities and interests, either in a group or as an individual. World Language Honor Society members participate in tutoring services. Members are required to perform 4 hours of pre-approved service to the WL language department to remain in good standing and graduate with designation as a member. Members are also eligible for awards, scholarships, publications of their work, and participation in National Language Exams.

For more information, please contact the World Language Honor Society advisor, Ms. Silvana Berardo, at berardos@madisonnjps.org