Guidance / Counseling

Mrs. JudyMrs. Judy Bletcher

Full Time School Counselor
Torey J. Sabatini School
973-593-3182 x7492

Welcome to School Counseling at TJS!

At Torey J. we strive to teach the the whole child day in and day out. Our comprehensive school counseling program addresses the social and emotional needs of each student in fun, engaging and age-appropriates ways. I am especially excited to deliver regular instruction to individuals, small groups, classrooms and the entire student body. My programming this year includes some of the following programs and initiatives, just to highlight a few.

1) NJ BAR Association Conflict/Resolution Curriculum- This is a K-5 program that is highly differentiated by grade level, and is engaging and fun for all students

2) School Climate Initiatives- Statewide Week of Respect and School Safety Week, MLK Jr. Student Day of Service, AAA Safety Patrol, Peer Mentoring and Peer Leaders

Anonymous Reporting

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