• Class Rules and Expectations 

    I.             Classroom Expectations

    Classroom expectations will be based on the principles of Respect and Responsibility.


                A. Respect:

    1.    Speak appropriately and at appropriate times.

    2.    No verbal body slams (put downs). Every idea is worth hearing.

    3.    Contribute positively to class discussions.

    4.    Don’t pack up before the end of class.

    5.    NO cell phones or other multimedia devices

    6.    Observe the dress code explained in the Student Handbook.


                B.  Responsibility:

    1.    Be on time to class.

    2.    Bring materials (textbook, 3 ring binder, highlighter, pen/pencil, homework, etc.)

    3.    Keep the desk area clean.

    4.    Hand your work in on time.

    5.    Keep good notes.

    6.    Take responsibility for promptly making up missed work.



Last Modified on August 31, 2018