• World History Grading Procedures and Required Materials

    I.             Grading Policy


    Grades will be broken down as follows:

                    Tests and Projects =100 points

                    Quizzes = 20-30 points

                    Mini Projects = 10-15 points

                    Homework and classwork=2-5 points

    II.       Late Work & Make-up Policy
    1. There is no credit for late homework or incomplete classwork.  For projects and essays 10% will be deducted each day after the deadline.
    2. When you are absent it is your responsibility to make up assignments or tests. Extra time will be allowed.
    III                    Class Participation and Investment

    You are responsible for everything that takes place in class. You will succeed in if you pay attention and come prepared. Use your class time effectively.


    IV.             Required Text & Materials

    Beers, Burton F. World History Patterns of Civilization   (Enriched)
    Ellis & Esler.  World History: The Modern Era.  Prentice Hall, 2011. (Standard)
    Three ring binder, 3-hole punch, pen and pencil, highlighter


Last Modified on September 11, 2013