• At present, Madison Junior School does not offer "Honors" courses in the social studies. Madison High School offers the following courses for students who meet the criteria for a more accelerated and rigorous educational experience:
    Grade 9: World History Honors
    Grade 10: United States History I Honors (Age of Exploration Through Reconstruction)
    Grade 11: Advanced Placement United States History (Industrial Era Through the Clinton Years)
    Grade 12: Advanced Placement Government and Politics, Psychology and Modern European History
    Placement in the above courses is based on teacher recommendation. The recommendation process is guided by a rubric which takes into account student academic and study skills. Teaching faculty ensure that placement recommendations are made with careful thought and deliberation after considering relevant student performance data and classroom habits. Students and parents are urged to respect these placement decisions since the classroom teacher is best positioned to measure student ability against the demands of the curriculum. However, an override process exists for those who wish to apply for an alternate placement for their child.