Three years (15 credits) of social studies courses are required for graduation, and the courses below meet state requirements of one year of World History/Cultures and two years of American History.

    Each course teaches students to master factual data and critical thinking skills, while applying the science of historiography to each unit of study. The amount and difficulty of assigned reading and the volume of writing increases from standard level courses to enriched to honors/AP.  Study within each of our core course is organized via several recurring themes which are intended to help students make connections between people, events and ideas over time.

    WORLD HISTORY  5 credits - 1 year - Grade 9
    The course covers three areas of the world: Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Within each of these regions, students learn about political, economic, social and religious developments.

    U.S. HISTORY 1  5 credits - 1 year - Grade 10
    This course covers the colonial era, the American Revolution and the rise of the American nation.  The Industrial Revolution and growth of the American economy, as well as the sectional tensions this produced, are also treated.  The Civil War, Reconstruction, Industrial Revolution and the settlement of the western frontier are prominent features, as is the rise and subsequent movement to abolish slavery and grant rights to women.
    U.S. History 2   5 credits - 1 year - Grade 11
    This course covers the rise of the Populist and Progressive movements.  The Roaring 20's and the Great Depression are also major topics.  In addition, the course includes major world developments since l920, such as the rise of totalitarian states, Third World movements, and international conflicts and their resolution.  The Era of Segregation, Civil Rights Movement and modern developments through the Clinton Administration round out the course material.

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