•   Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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    Links on the left are to the Google Calendar associated with each period that I teach. These Calendars will show activities or events that are coded as an "assignment" in Google Classroom; I generally use this designation for larger efforts such as projects and tests, as well as readings to be done to prepare for class. Please note that Google's use of this word can be misleading as there are other codes within Google Classroom that can also cover work for students to do. Your student will have full access to all material that I post and all scheduling that I do through Google Classroom. 
    My course load for the 2019-2020 academic year consists of US History I Honors, US History II, and US History II Enriched.
    Google Chromebooks?
    Students should be sure to have their Chromebooks fully charged and available to use in the classroom as we will be using them frequently.
    Need information on various policies that will be relevant to your student's classroom experience this year?
    The Humanities Department (made up of the Language Arts/English and History sections) provides policies on due date and late work and on plagiarism. Both of these can be found on either the district or MHS website, under Departments, then Humanities.
    Extra help outside of class time?
    Encourage your student to take me up on my standing offer to meet at any mutually convenient time. As a rule, this will include any Lunch when I do not have a Lunch duty and any day after school except for Mondays.
    Need to contact me?
    My email address is singerlineh@madisonnjps.org, and I check my email as I can during the course of the day. If you prefer, you can leave a message for me by calling the Main Office of the High School at 973-593-3117.
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