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    I have the pleasure of being the Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) for the district of Madison. As a SAC, I work closely with teachers, administrators and parents to provide support for students who may be experiencing personal, family, academic and/or peer difficulties. I provide in-school assessment, crisis intervention, counseling and referral services, with goals of supporting and empowering students to build upon their existing developmental assets. Concerns for which students may seek assistance include (but are not limited to): Depression, Anxiety, Bullying, Trouble Adjusting, Substance Abuse, Self-Harm, Self-Esteem, Social Skills, Family Changes, Anger, Abuse/Neglect, Eating Disorders and Crisis Management.  All sessions are confidential.  When students at the high school level seek help on their own, they are encouraged to share this with their families. We do not, however, automatically contact parents unless our assessment indicates a safety risk. This would include a student who is in danger of harming him or herself, harming someone else, or is being harmed by another individual.  My office is located in the high school across from G-53; students with concerns about themselves and/or peers are encouraged to stop-in or make an appointment.
    I am also fortunate enough to be the co-advisor for Peer Group Connections. PGC is a fantastic program that we are fortunate to have here in Madison. PGC educates a chosen class of Juniors on leadership skills. The Juniors are then partnered with Senior leaders, and together they lead outreaches to all freshmen. Outreaches are designed to help freshmen get to know one another, build respect for themselves and others, and learn valuable skills and lessons to help them transition into the high school.
    High school is an exciting, yet also challenging, time of life. Please feel free to stop in or contact me with any questions, or just to say hi! 
    Vanessa Morgenthaler, MA, LPC, SAC
    973-593-3117 ext. 3160