• Transportation Revolution Project

    Sophomores in Mr. DeBiasse's USI class were tasked with researching the transporation revolution and preparing informative displays for the Madison Historical Society program. Students explored the development of roadways, canals, railroads and maritime transportation across America and within the state of New Jersey. Particular emphasis was placed on the impact the transporatation revolution had on the local economy and population. Students researched maritime shipping by visiting a related exhibit at the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts and then used the archives of the Madison Historical Society to find out more about railroads, canals and roadways. Linda Barth from the New Jersey Canal Society visited the classroom and gave an informative presentation on the Morris and Delaware-Raritan canals. The community gathered on March 16, 2011 to hear a presentation by Mr. DeBiasse entitled "Foreign Views of the American Transportation Revolution" and then took a "gallery walk" to view the displays prepared by the students.
    Maritime Shipping