• "Promises" Program

    Funded through the generous support of the Madison Education Foundation, the History Department invited Faraj Adnan to Madison High School to share his perspective on the Arab-Isreali conflict. Adnan appeared in a 2000 documentary entitled "Promises" which explored one man's efforts to breakdown ancient hatreds among Arabs and Jews--starting with a group of youngsters who live in and around Jeruselum.  Adnan delivered an assembly program to the entire freshmen class and then met with these students individually to answer questions and engage in further discussion.  The students had previously watched the film in their World History classes as part of a unit of study on the Middle East.  Upperclassmen in thePeer Group Connections class developed a follow up program to Adnan's visit that explored ways to break down social and cultural barriers that exist in our own school, applying some of the lessons the Adnan shared with our students.  The "Promises" program provide Madison High School students with a first hand account of the challenges faced by those who want to break down longstanding barriers that divide people throughout the Middle East and in their own neighborhoods.