• Food and Cooking in Early America

    Sophomores in Dr. DeBiasse's USI classes explored the ways in which food was procured and prepared in this joint project with the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts.  Students first examined primary and secondary sources to discover how people obtained food in the local economy. They then examined common dietary patterns and assessed the healthfulness of 18th century fare using the USDA's pyramid analysis.  The class then visited the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts "Food for Thought" exhibit, where they were given an historic recipe and asked to research the kitchen tools and practices that would have been used in preparing the dish.  Each item was photographed and the students were asked to create a Powerpoint comparing how the meal would be prepared today with how it would be created in the 18th century.  The students then prepared the dish and shared samples during their presentations on Bottle Hill Day.