• MHS E-Alerts
    Three different subscriptions are available to MHS parents, each tailored to a specific need.
    to receive the relevant e-mails.
    1. School Website E-alerts
    Receive information about emergency closings and delayed openings, PTSO newsletters, special events, curriculum news, and other timely information. Note that:
    • You must register for the site AND subscribe to individual web pages on the site to receive e-alerts. Just registering for the site is not enough not enough. 
    • You can sign up for as many subscriptions as you like. At a minimum, we recommend that every MHS parent sign up for:

      • Madison Public Schools Home Page
      • MHS Home Page (Use the drop-down menu)
      • MHS PTSO (Receive notices when the newsletter is online)
      • The Home Page for any other school where you have a child attending.

    Click here for answers to Frequently Asked QuestionS and registration tips.

    Click here for setp-by-step instructions.



    2. Guidance E-alerts by Class
    Receive information tailored to parents and students in each grade. This is an added way for the most relevant guidance information to come directly to you. Register for each class where you have a child. Students are also encouraged to sign up.

    • You must sign up AND set up your account to receive e-mails for each group (class year) that interests you.
    • Parents AND students are encouraged to sign up to receive e-mails.
    • Click here for a tip sheet to create an account and receive Guidance e-mails.

    3. Athletics Team Schedule E-alerts
    Receive immediate notification of schedule changes. Register for any/all teams that interest you.

    4. Honeywell Instant Alert System
    In 2008, Madison Public Schools implemented the Honeywell Instant Alert System. The system is used to convey important district and school related news to parents and staff.


    To get started, home and urgent contact numbers for parents and staff were entered into the system. For the 2009-2010 school year we would like to improve on the system by asking parents and staff members to login and modify their personal profiles.


    Modifications such as changing existing phone numbers, adding additional phone numbers, and adding e-mail and text messaging contact information can all be done in the portal.


    If you would like to make changes, or view the information we have listed for you, please click the appropriate link below for instructions on how to log into the portal and modify your Honeywell profile.