• Wintering Over
    Students in Dr. DeBiasse's USI classes partnered with the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts, working with the museum’s Wintering Over special exhibit as a community history project. 
    The exhibit conveyed what it was like living through local winters in the early 1800's. Faculty and students met with the Museum's Education Coordinator Meg Wastie and Curator Peter Rothenberg for multiple sessions at the high school and the museum.  The partnership created hands-on learning opportunities for students and professional development opportunities for faculty.  
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    "I'm delighted to be able to facilitate these much-needed new activities for the Museum. Teenagers are an untapped source of creative energy, and I am happy to involve them in more museum activities."
    -Meg Wastie, Education Coordinator
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    Faculty began work with museum staff in the fall to plan activities that would connect MHS students to the exhibit during the winter and spring terms.
    Students chose whether to participate as a Student, Scholar or Historian, with  different requirements and credit levels for each path. 

    Projects included:
    Creating hand-crafted journals and writing first person journal entries from the perspetive of someone living in the 1800's and represented in the exhibit.
    Developing a presentation given to 4th graders at Torey J, and serving as exhibit docents.
    Creating a Wintering Over Activity Booklet for younger exhibit visitors. Each MHS student focused on one aspect of life, contributing background information they had researched and a fun puzzle, game or other creative activity to help children learn.
    Other Projects done with the Museum include: