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Saturday Detention Information



Arrival & Check-in Procedures:

  • Saturday Detention: 8:00 am to 12:00 noon

  • Proctors will meet Saturday Detention students in front lobby and check them in.  Students shall check in with the proctor and the proctor shall record time they arrived at the HS next to their name.

  • 8:05 am – Proctor will escort students to the Media Center and sit each student at a table.  All students facing same direction; 1 student/table.

  • Students shall get any materials they need from their lockers; use restrooms; finish up food/drinks prior to the start of detention.


General Rules for Saturday Detention:

  • Students are to work independently on homework; projects; and/or reading.  

  • Sleeping is prohibited

  • Students shall remain quiet during Saturday Detention.

  • No food, drink shall be permitted to be consumed during detention.

  • Restroom Usage – Use restroom before detention begins; during the break; after detention.

  • Electronic devices including but not limited to the following will not be permitted to be used during Saturday Detention:

    • Cell phones

    • IPod/music devices

    • Computers /Chomebooks(unless noted in IEP/504/or other Classroom accommodation plan).

  • 10 Minute Break (estimated break-time frame 9:55am to 10:05 am)

    • Permitted to eat/drink if they student has something with them

    • Use restroom facilities in C- Hall

    • Must be back in their seats by 10:05, or the designated time

  • Students are to exit the building immediately following detention.

  • Failure to comply with the aforementioned rules and/or any direction given to students by proctor will result in the student being dismissed from Saturday Detention and discipline a discipline referral will be made to the HS Administration.