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Madison High School
170 Ridgedale Avenue

Madison, NJ 07940

Phone: 973-593-3117

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MHS Traffic Regulations

Please adhere to the following traffic regulations when dropping off & picking up students at MHS.:

  • The lane to the right of the broken line will be designated on the "Drop-Off/Pick-Up Only Lane". Drivers must be parked completely inside the lane with both wheels adjacent to the curb (approximately six inches away) when dropping-off or picking-up students.


  • The lane to the left of the broken line will be designated the "Thru Traffic Only Lane". Drivers are to use this lane to exit school property after dropping-off or picking up students. Additionally, faculty and students attempting to enter the parking lot adjacent to the gym should use this lane when arriving to school. Under no circumstances should students be picked-up or dropped off from this lane.

  • A "No Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone" has been created between the end of the portico and the entrance to the parking lot adjacent to the gym. This is designed to create a buffer zone so faculty and students can safely merge to the right to enter the parking lot. It is also designed to create a safer situation for students walking to school.

  • Visitor parking in front of the school will only be allowed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

  • Student-drivers being dropped-off or picked-up must use the entrance to the right of the school (side by tennis courts). This way the exchange between drivers will not impede the flow of traffic in front of the school.

  • Drop-Offs/Pick-Ups in front of the school should all be conducted in 30 seconds or less. Students should organize all their belongings prior to arriving or departing school in an effort to keep the flow of traffic moving.

  • Students with large musical instruments, class projects, heavy athletic equipment, etc., should be dropped-off and picked-up on the right side of the building (side by tennis courts).

  • All drivers must proceed with caution while on school property and not exceed the posted speed limit.