Homework Help Ideas

Homework Basics
1.  Location- a distraction free location, away from siblings, but near parent if help is needed 
                                                                      kid at desk
2.  Supplies- keep a container of supplies available at homework location.  This should include: pencils, erasers, pens, glue stick, scissors, colored pencils or crayons, ruler and paper.  (Older students may need a calculator, protractor, etc.)
3.  Lighting and posture- There should be sufficient lighting in the homework area and the desk/table and chair should be the appropriate height to promote proper writing posture.  An alternate seat such as a beanbag chair is great for reading.  Make sure there is enough light there also.
4.  General environment- Take a little time to talk with your child about what works for them.  Some people need absolute silence, others need background noise.  Chewing gum can help some students concentrate.  Show your child that homework is important and deserves a designated place and time in your home. This doesn't have to be a permanent place, just a consistent one.
5.  Organization- You can help your child stay organized with the following ideas:
  • use a different colored folder for each subject ( you can even match folder and spiral notebook colors for each subject)
  • assign a special spot for papers that need to come home
  • assign a special spot for papers that need to go back to the teacher and school
  • always return homework to the appropriate folder after completion
  • always return homework to backpack as soon as completed
  • always keep backpack in a specific spot so it is easy to find in the morning
  • remember to praise your child whenever they follow through with this routine