General Physical Education Policies

Madison High School

Health and Physical Education Department



General Department Policies


  1. All students must have a combination or key lock for their physical education (PE) locker. Student will submit their physical education locker number and lock combination to their physical education teacher during the first week of school.
  2. Notes from a parent to excuse a student from physical education class are considered unexcused by the department and must be made up by the student prior to the end of the marking period. Only an official Doctor's note will be recorded as an excused physical education absence.
  3. Students that have been excused for extended periods of time as a result of a medical condition or an injury will be require to complete a written assignment in order to receive credit for physical education class.  Please refer to the Medical Excuse Assignment Policy for details or speak with a physical education teacher.
  4. Proper P.E. attire must be work at all times during P.E. class. Sneakers, athletic shorts and shirts with sleeves must be work. In addition, T-shirts must have appropriate slogans, sayings and/or advertisements as per the Madison High School Handbook Dress Code. Leggings are not to be worn by students.
  5. No one will be permitted in the Varsity Locker Room after 7:45a.m. and before 2:30p.m. All students must use the physical education locker room when changing for physical education class. Students will not be permitted access to their varsity locker during the day.
  6. Students must remain inside the gym until the bell rings.
  7. Due to security protocol, entrance and exit from the gym must be through the appropriate doors.