Medical Excuse from Physical Education Class

Madison High School
Health and Physical Education Department 
Medical Excuse from Physical Education
 1.     Students are required to participate in physical education class on the days that their scheduled period is designated to meet.
2.     Students are expect to change each day for physical education.  Those students failing to change for physical education will recieve an "unprepared" for the day and will lose eleven (11) points from their marking period grade.
3.     A student who is not feeling well enough to participate in physical education must inform his or her teacher and ask permission to see the school nurse.  If the school nurse excuses the student from physical education class for that period, the student is responsible to make that period up prior to the end of the marking period.  If that class period is not made up the student will lose 3.66 points from their marking period grade.
4.    A student who has a doctor's note excusing them from physical education will not be required to make up physical education classes that were missed.  However those students missing physical education as a result of a long term medical excuse will be required to complete a written assignment in order to recieve credit in physical education.  Please refer to the Medical Excuse Assignment policy.
5.    All doctor's notes excusing a student from physical education or clearing a student to return to physical educations should be submitted to the school nurse.
6.    Any student or parent that may have any questions regarding medical excuses from physical education should contact the students physical education teacher or the department supervisor.