Senior Health

Madison High School

Health and Physical Education Department

Senior Health

Twelfth graders will participate in Health Education during the second marking period of the school year.  Health Education will replace Physical Education during this time period and students will remain with their assigned Health and Physical Education teacher.  Health will meet four days a week and on the fifth day students will be assigned to a study hall, lab science or study skills class.  During the marking period of health, students will be graded like other academic courses; however this marking period will be incorporated into their overall Health and Physical Education cumulative grade for the year.      

The district curriculum adheres to the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards for Health and Physical Education.  These standards include:

Standard 2.1 (Wellness) All students will learn and apply health promotion concepts and skills to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Standard 2.2 (Integrated Skills) All students will use health-enhancing personal, interpersonal, and life skills to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Standard 2.3 (Drugs and Medicines) All students will learn and apply information about alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and medicines to make decisions that support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Standard 2.4 (Human Relationships and Sexuality)  All students will learn the physical, emotional, and social aspects of human relationships and sexuality and apply these concepts to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Standard 2.5 (Motor Skill Development) All students will utilize safe, efficient, and effective movement to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Standard 2.6 (Fitness) All students will apply health-related and skill-related fitness concepts and skills to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

The Senior Health Curriculum is designed to reinforce the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse as well as educate students on the following topics: mental health illnesses, lifestyle diseases, AIDS awareness, physical fitness and nutrition and current health topics and trends in the media.  Students will engage in class discussions, group projects and individual research assignments that will enhance their knowledge about health trends.



Mental Illness (3 weeks)

     1.  Self Esteem

     2.  Stress

     3.  Stress Management

     4.  Depression

     5.  Treatments for Depression

     6.  Teen Suicide

     7.  Phobias

     8.  Anxiety Disorder

     9.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    10.  Eating Disorders

    11.  Bipolar Disorder

    12.  Multiple Personality Disorder

    13.  Schizophrenia


Lifestyle Diseases (3 weeks)

     1.  Mortality Statistics for Lifestyle Diseases

     2.  Cardiovascular Disease

     3.  Treatments for Cardiovascular Disease

     4.  Obesity

     5.  Diseases Associated With Obesity

     6.  Type 2 Diabetes

     7.  Lung Cancer

     8.  Colon Cancer

     9.  Melanoma

    10.  Breast Cancer

    11.  Testicular Cancer


Drugs and Alcohol (3 weeks)

     1.  Alcohol

     2.  Binge Drinking

     3.  BAC

     4.  Drinking and Driving

     5.  Smoking

     6.  Marijuana

     7.  Anabolic Steroids

     8.  Prescription Drugs

     9.  Club Drugs

    10.  Drug Testing

    11.  Drug Treatment Options