What Do Popular Vapor Pens Look Like?

**these are commonly purchased at convenience stores like 7-11 and Gold's in surrounding towns, and through online retailers like Amazon**

A Google Search of 'Vapor Pen' shows us:

A quick Google search of the words 'vapor pen' shows us a variety of pens. Notice the other words that people use when searching for them, including 'dry herb' (marijuana) and 'cute.'


Popular vapor pens include:

Juul (pronounced Jewel)- 'Starter Kits' retail for $49.99:


A Juul Kit  A Juul Kit with different nicotine flavor inserts

Juul charging in computer  A Juul uses a USB port to charge


Phix- 'Starter Kit' retails for approximately $34.99; additional pods (4 per pack) retail for $22.99

Phix Vapor Pen  Very similar in style to Juul


Phix with Charger  Phix with charger & extra cartridge