Sarah Fischer

Sarah has served on the Madison Board of Education since January 2019. She currently serves on the Education and Policy Committees.

Sarah moved to Madison in 2011 with her husband and partner Owyn. They have two children who attend Kings Road School.

Sarah holds a BA from Hamilton College (NY) and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) from Dartmouth College. Sarah has over 15 years in education as a classroom teacher, administrator and in nonprofit management. She is excited to be working as a member of the Madison Board of Education in addition to her job as the Director of Community Service and an Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Humanities teacher at Newark Academy in Livingston.  

In addition to her work on the Board, Sarah has served the Madison school district as a founding member of the Kings Road School Green Team and the Garden Coordinator. In this capacity she helped integrate the garden into the school community by writing the garden curriculum and running the parent volunteer group that maintains the garden and helps teach lessons. She also served as a room parent and has volunteered at the school on various capacities. Sarah is an active member of the PPEC, an advisory group of parents with children involved with the Special Services Department in the Madison School District.

2019 Board of Education Committee Membership:  Education, Policy.

Term Expires: December 2021