Mrs. Jackie Young, our full-time certified nurse, is available to serve the health and needs of the students. She is available for first aid and illness, chronic conditions, as well as a resource for parents, students, and faculty. Please call (973) 593-3183 ext. 3176 or email with any questions. In addition, the nurse conducts annual height, weight, vision, and hearing screenings.  Please click here to access Nurse Young's website!


All medications, including pills, liquids, inhalers, cream, lotion, drops, throat lozenges, supplements, sunscreen, etc. must have physician’s orders to be administered. Medication must be brought to school by the parent. Medications must be in their original container accompanied with a prescription indicating the time to be given, the dose, frequency, and duration. Students will not be permitted to transport medication. If a parent comes to school to administer medication, the student will be called to the nurse’s office or main office for administration purposes.

Food Allergies

Food allergies are a very real health concern in our school community. To maintain an environment that is safe for all students, we strive to maintain a nut-free environment in ALL classrooms and adhere to the following guidelines.

Snacks/Classroom Celebrations:

❏ All students are required to bring nut-free snacks from home. The school does not provide snacks for students outside of the lunch period.

❏ You will be notified of any extenuating circumstances that exist and guidelines to be followed in individual classrooms, if necessary.

❏ Students are not permitted to trade or share snacks.

❏ The only classroom parties that include food are Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Snacks must be tree nut-free. Classroom representatives will provide all ingredient labels of prepackaged food with parents in advance of parties to ensure the food served is safe for all students. All other celebrations are foodless. No goody bags can be sent in for any reason. The school will not distribute good bags for any reason.


❏ Nut-free tables are provided for students with allergies. Tables are cleaned prior to use. Students who must sit at the nut-free table can bring a friend to join them at the table only if their friend’s lunch is also nut-free. If you have any questions regarding appropriate items to include in your child’s lunch, contact Mrs. Young directly.