August 15, 2022

Dear KRS Parents/Guardians and Students: 

Hello KRS families! I hope that you are well and enjoying the summer of 2022!  We are looking forward to seeing all the KRS students and families in the upcoming weeks and are very excited about the new school year! It can be too quiet during the summer months without all of you and we cannot wait to see you! Please read this communication carefully for important information. 

Great Thanks!

Our top-notch KRS staff  and district staff  have been busily preparing for a new school year.  Great thanks to Mrs. Guzewicz for her hard work and dedication to ensure that all is ready for the first day. Thank you to the KRS custodian team of  Mr. Alfano, Mrs. Matthew, and Mr. Albanese, who work tirelessly every day to prepare the classrooms and school building for the new year. Thank you to the teachers for taking time away from their own families to set-up their classrooms, answer emails, participate in meetings, and engage in important district curriculum work. Thank you to the PTO leadership of Mrs. DiPaola and Mrs. Malafronte for their support and preparation. Also, great thanks to the district central office team of professionals and the Board of Education members. 

Important Dates: Please mark your calendar! 

  • August 19, 2022 - Important forms for parent completion will be available on Genesis and additional information on the KRS webpage.

  • August 19, 2022 -  3 PM Class placements will be available for viewing in Genesis. 

  • August 25, 2022 - Class Meet and Greets 2:00 - 3:00 PM 

  • August 29, 2022 - First Day of School 

  • September 13, 2022 - Back-to-School Night 7:00 PM

  • September 20th and 21st - Picture Days 

KRS Staff 

Welcome to the new and returning KRS staff members! Please see below for information about staffing changes: 

  • Mrs. Samantha Garita will join the first grade team as a first grade teacher.

  • Miss Maria Matthews will join the KRS community as a special education teacher. 

  • We will have a new STEAM/Technology teacher. Once the selection process is completed, the teacher's name will be communicated to the KRS families. 

  • Ms. Josephine Potter will serve as a leave replacement teacher for music teacher Mrs. Donna McEachern. 

  • Special education teacher Miss Melissa Bataille will now be referred to as Mrs. Melissa Drew. 

Grade level teachers are as follows: 

Kindergarten: Mrs. Sally Lembo, Ms. Meghan Manaut 

First Grade; Mrs. Samantha Garita, Mrs. Victoria Koehler, Mrs. Jessica Yurecko 

Second Grade: Miss Alyssa Fine, Mrs. Kathy Goodbread

Third Grade: Miss Jennifer Raneri, Mrs. Gina Sloginski

Fourth Grade: Miss Emily Derrico, Mr. Michael Dougherty, Mrs. Laurie Schaefer

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Julia Nicolette, Miss Hannah Smith, Mrs. Rebecca Sullivan 


The students will be using their own district issued chromebooks in their classrooms.  For information about chromebooks, please look at the Madison School District’s webpage Chromebook Central .


Your child’s teacher(s) will utilize Google Classroom to post instructional materials, directions, lessons, and assignments. Please refer to this excellent resource for information about Google Classroom - A Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom. For parent access to certain Google features, it would be very helpful for at least one parent of every student to establish a Google email address.  

Goodbye Zoom… hello Google Meet!

Please note that we will be transitioning away from using Zoom as our primary video conferencing platform.  Zoom previously allowed educational institutions to have meetings for more than 40 minutes, but has recently removed this feature. Due to the new time limit feature on Zoom, and our need to have virtual instruction and/or meetings over 40 minutes, we will be switching to using Google Meet as our primary video conferencing platform, since there is no time limit.

Class Placements

Class placements are available in Genesis on August 19, 2022. Please remember there are many factors that are considered for class placements. 

Six-Day Elementary Letter Day Schedule:

Last year the elementary schools transitioned from a Monday to Friday traditional schedule to a 6 day (A to F day) schedule. The transition was positive and provided many benefits, such as consistent grade level schedules, teacher planning time, and a dedicated intervention period for each grade. It is important that all families take note of the 2022-2023 Elementary Letter Day Schedule that maps out all the letter days for the entire school year. Parents are encouraged to print the letter day schedule as a reference, as it will be helpful once your child’s teacher shares with you the class specials schedule. This way, parents/guardians will be prepared to know what letter days to send your child(ren) to school with library books or to wear sneakers for PE class.


The district utilizes a system of integrated communication platforms. Please consider the following:

  • Our district student information system is Genesis. Please ensure that your most current contact information is in Genesis. 

  • The district has a communication tool called Apptegy.  Our website can now be downloaded as an app and we will utilize this app to push out notifications, such as alerts, newsletters, and important announcements.  Please visit the Madison School District website for more information.  

  • Our KRS social media forms of communication include Facebook, Instagram (kingsroadschool), and Twitter (@krsprincipal). 

Back to School Paperwork

There are several forms that need to be completed before children return to school.  

Available on August 19th.

Genesis - Mandated Forms 

  • Demographic Information/Emergency Form 

  • Computing Device Responsibility Form 

  • Health Insurance 

  • Media Parental/Guardian Consent Form 

  • Computer/Internet Contract Form 

  • Medical Update & Permission Forms 

Kings Road School Webpage 

KRS Webpage 

  • Arrival/Dismissal Forms

  • Other Beginning of School Information 

Designated Entrances and Exits 

To decrease the congestion that usually occurs during arrival and dismissal times, we request the students use the following doors to enter and exit during arrival and dismissal times. Staff members will be placed in designated areas to assist and supervise. 


The kindergarten students and their escorts will arrive by traveling up the sidewalk, past our front door to the first door BEFORE the kindergarten playground. The students will enter through the first door on the left. During dismissal, the KRS staff will ensure that the kindergarten students dismiss safely. 

First and Second Grade 

The first and second grade students will travel up the sidewalk, and will enter the building through the front door (lobby) of the school.  The first and second graders will be dismissed from our back door and travel down the hill to meet their parents.

Third Grade 

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade 

The third, fourth, and fifth grade students will walk up the hill and enter the building from our backyard to the first door upon entering the playground or to the door with the overhang. They will be dismissed from these doors at 3:15 PM and travel down the hill to meet their parents.

Arrival Procedures 

The students will arrive at school no earlier than 8:25 AM and proceed to their classroom. Staff members will be outside to greet the students. 

Dismissal Procedures 

The students will be dismissed directly from their classrooms to the car line, to walk home, or to meet an adult. Once the adult maintains contact with the child, it is imperative that they leave the school property immediately to avoid the congestion that usually occurs with dismissal.  Please do not leave your car in the pick-up line. Staff will be available to ensure that your child enters your vehicle safely. Student walkers should also leave the school property immediately and not congregate at the bottom of the hill. 

Bus Students                       

The bus students will be dropped-off at KRS for arrival to school and then proceed to their designated entrance.  At dismissal, the students will be supervised by a staff member until the bus arrives and the staff member will escort the students to the bus. Bus students are expected to follow the bus rules at all times. 

Visitors/Drop-Off Items 

If you have to pick up your child for an appointment or have to change arrival/dismissal you will need to contact the main office.  Any drop-off items should be placed in the container outside the front entrance of the school. Please inform the office when you drop-off items, so that your children may receive the items in a timely manner. 

Meet and Greets

We are excited to offer an opportunity for students to meet their teacher. The KRS Meet and Greet experience will be on Thursday, August 25, 2022 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM. School supplies that were ordered through the PTO will be distributed during the Meet and Greet time. 

Food Consumption: (Snacks and Lunch)

A designated snack time is included within every class schedule. Snacks should be nut free and carried to school in a disposable bag/container. Within every student’s schedule, is a 30 minute lunch period. Students may bring lunch or purchase food from the district food service company Pomptonian. 

Mask Optional

Our school continues to be a mask optional learning environment. If you choose for your child to wear a mask to school, it is helpful to send extra masks in their backpack labeled in a Zip-loc bag.


We have a wonderful garden! Thank you to parent Mr. Chris Then for his leadership of the KRS garden. The KRS garden community is looking for parent volunteers to assist with garden maintenance.  Children are more than welcome to assist with their parents during off school hours. Duties will include weeding, watering, and general upkeep.  Contact Mr. Chris Then at for more information.

Thank you in advance for your review of this important information. This information will also be included in the Kings Road School Student and Parent handbook which will be posted on the KRS webpage. We are dedicated to making this school year a successful experience for everyone and we are looking forward to seeing you during your Meet and Greet time.


Kathleen Koop 

Kathleen Koop 

Kathleen Koop Ed.D. 


Kings Road School