Bibliography/Works Cited

- The Official MLA Style Center - THE source for MLA 8 Guidelines

Use MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 8th Edition, for your bibliography / works cited.  Paper copies available-at the circulation desk.  Another EXCELLENT website to help you is OWL.


  1.  PROOFREAD! Don’t save this until the end. A bibliography is a detailed document.  Weary eyes do not always catch inaccuracies!
  2.  IF YOU RELY ON CITATION GENERATORS (such as Easybib) you must PROOFREAD to check that the formatting is correct.  It often is NOT and you will have to tweak your entries!
  3.  All months are abbreviated except May, June, and July. (i.e. August = Aug.; December = Dec.)
  4.  If no author is provided for a source, alphabetize by title, disregarding a, an, and the. Thus, "The Necessity of Homework in High School is Questionable," would be alphabetized after entries beginning with a - m and before entries beginning with o - z.
  5. When in doubt, ask for help! Email Ms. Thomas for help.