Madison School Community,

I am writing to inform you that the previously announced COVID19 case at Central Avenue School has been confirmed positive by the NJDOH. I am also writing to share that we have been notified of a second probable case within the Madison Junior School community. Per the Madison Health Department (MDH), probable cases are to be presumed positive and are treated as such. Please note there there will not be a second announcement regarding whether or not this case is confirmed. 

The circumstances of the two cases are very similar and the MDH has indicated that, "given the dates of attendance, neither case presents an exposure risk in school or at school related activities." The MDH is engaging in contact tracing and will notify individuals that need to isolate or quarantine.

Again, we applaud the self-quarantining and self-isolation activities present in both cases and request that our community members respect the privacy of any individuals that may be believed to be involved. We must celebrate those that demonstrate a proactive response to exposure so that others will feel comfortable doing the same. 

Please remain vigilant in your safety measures. We will continue to keep the community notified, as appropriate.