Thank you for your ongoing support for our staff and students in this challenging time. I am writing today to provide you with several important updates regarding our phased reopening of schools and the need for an increased commitment to safety.  

The elementary transition to Phase 2 will be delayed until October 26

As was previously shared with the community in my September 29 message, our ability to transition to Phase 2 relies on the timely delivery of custom made desk shields. While we have applied pressure to our vendor throughout this process, it is now clear that we will receive our shipment no later than this Friday due to production delays. This leaves insufficient time to guarantee their installation for next week. We will continue to monitor this delivery and monitor the installation timelines to minimize the risk of a secondary delay. 

Phase 2 plans and timelines for MJS and MHS will be shared on October 19

Returning students to increased in-person instruction is a priority at both MJS and MHS. We anticipate being able to provide clear timelines and plan details on Monday regarding the transition of both schools. 

Our community must unite against unsafe gatherings

We have received multiple reports of students gathering in unsafe conditions outside of school, often with adults present. This is very concerning as COVID cases are on the rise and cold and flu season is upon us. Please recognize that your behavior has the ability to threaten the health of others and may disrupt the education and extracurricular programs of all of our students. Accordingly, parents and students should not attend gatherings that engage in any of the following:

  • Indoor activities where mask wearing and distancing does not occur

  • Outdoor activities where distancing does not occur

  • Any activities where food and drink are are shared or consumed in close proximity

Every one of us has a duty to lead by example in safe behaviors. Doing so will ensure that we can progress through our phases of reopening and that students can continue to participate in in-person learning, athletics and activities. 

Thank you for taking these items into consideration. By staying safe together, we can remain Dodger Strong.