Dodger families,

I hope this week finds you healthy and well as the start of spring approaches. I also hope that this equinox proves to be the beginning of the end of this pandemic. For now, that end appears somewhat elusive, but I am writing to you today to share some updates related to our preparations for increased in-person learning this spring.

The last two CALI reports rate our region at “high risk” with rates rising; local rates reached an all-time high last week.

While we all remain hopeful that rates will decline again in the coming months, all community members must recognize that COVID risks are real, not only for those who contract the coronavirus, but for those who find themselves as close contacts and have to miss school because of required quarantining. For your own safety and out of respect for others, avoid high risk gatherings, wear masks, and maintain social distancing wherever possible. 

Thoughtexchange feedback is being used to inform Phase 2 and Phase 3 planning and will be discussed at the Superintendent Coffee on Wednesday, 3/17. 

Thank you to everyone that contributed. We had excellent participation from 1,587 entrants who provided 937 comments and 46,914 ratings. Over the course of today, I have reviewed almost all of the nearly one thousand comments. I am grateful for everyone’s contributions and look forward to sharing an analysis of our outcomes at Wednesday night’s Superintendent Coffee.

Transition details to be announced on Friday, March 26; implementation tentatively scheduled for April 19.

While it is difficult to project COVID rates and health guidance changes that may occur in the next month, these dates establish firm targets for action while allowing time for:

  • COVID rates to decline and stabilize

  • Potential student quarantining related to Spring Break travel

  • District preparations including changes to lunch service, transportation accommodations,  schedule modifications, staffing adjustments, etc.

Community members interested in serving as substitutes should contact Jen Biondi at

Over the summer, may parents and community members answered our call to become substitute teachers. We are incredibly grateful for those who stepped up and stepped in, but there are only a few individuals from the initial pool remaining with us. If you have 60 college credits and are interested in joining the Madison team as a substitute teacher, please email Confidential Secretary Jen Biondi. 

If you have any questions or concerns related to any topics in this message, please contact Executive Secretary Patti Cleary at Mrs. Cleary can help route your question to the appropriate individual. 

Thank you for your partnership, trust, and support. Please stay safe and smart so that we can remain Dodger Strong. 


Upcoming Events:

Tues, Mar 16 - Regular Board Meeting / Preliminary Budget Adoption, 7pm

Wed, Mar 17 - Superintendent Coffee, 7pm

Tues, Apr 20 - Regular Board Meeting, 7pm

Wed, Apr 21 - Superintendent Coffee, 7pm

Tues, Apr 27 - Special Board Meeting for Final Budget Hearing, 7pm