Madison School Community Members,

Today, Madison Public Schools and the Madison Police Department were notified about recent social media posts alluding to school shooting events that are allegedly planned to take place tomorrow, December 17. At this time, the NJ State Police Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC) does not have any credible information suggesting a threat to any specific school in New Jersey. The ROIC also believes that these posts may be part of a nation-wide trend that is not connected to any actual planned violence. 

While there may not be an immediate or credible threat for tomorrow, the MPD and MPS would like to use this moment of heightened awareness to ensure that all students, parents, and community members know how to report concerns:

For emergencies and suspicious behavior, CALL 911 and tell an adult at school. 

For any other concerns, call MPD Dispatch at 973-593-3000, or use the new RSVP-3 app to make an anonymous report. 

To facilitate the effective use of these systems, the MPD and MPS recommend that students, staff, parents and community members take this opportunity to save the MPD Dispatch number and download the RSVP-3 app to their mobile devices. 

Regarding tomorrow, the MPD and MPS administration will be coordinating to ensure increased vigilance and added caution above and beyond our normal security measures, as determined appropriate. Further, the MPD will have an increased presence at our schools throughout the day. 

And remember...

If you see something, SAY something.

Thank you for assisting our efforts to keep our schools safe spaces for our growing students, everyday.  


Mark Schwarz, Superintendent of Madison Public Schools
John Miscia, Chief of the Madison Police Department