Camp Moore

About the Campers & Staff

Elks Camp Moore accepts handicapped individuals who are between the ages of seven and 18 years (age is our only restriction). ELKS CAMP MOORE provides for 700-800 camperships each summer. Each child must be sponsored by their local Elks Lodge with the FULL COST OF ATTENDANCE PAID BY THE LODGE. The children attend at no cost to their families. Parents should contact their nearest Elks Lodge and ask to speak to the Handicapped Children's Chairperson. He or she will help obtain an application for your child.

The director of the camp is selected from a field of Special Education and holds a degree in this area. The counseling and support staff are hired from the United States and other countries around the world. Over 27 countries have been represented at Elks Camp Moore over the years. The staff is fully trained before camp with ongoing training throughout the season. A large majority of the staff return from previous years and are therefore very familiar with the campers and camp life in general. The ratio of counselors to campers is usually 1:2 or 1:1.

For more information contact:

Todd Garmer