Math in Focus helps foster excellent math instruction while balancing depth of understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application. This enriched program is not only aligned to meet the Common Core State Standards but also provides an approach to teaching and learning mathematics that will challenge our students to think deeply about mathematics while meeting the needs of all learners.

Mathematical problem-solving is at the core of Math in Focus. This is encouraged through the development of positive attitudes towards mathematics, as well as the development of skills, concepts, processes, and metacognition.

math problem solving

With Math in Focus, mathematical understanding is built with a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to learning, where concepts are first introduced with hands-on experiences, are then visualized and represented in a picture, and then numbers and symbols are used to demonstrate understanding. Our children will learn to solve complex mathematical problems by gaining the knowledge, content, skills, and confidence to succeed in this endeavor. 


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Think Central

Think Central offers you the opportunity to look inside your child's day-to-day learning. Here you will be able to access the Student Interactivities, Virtual Manipulatives, Math Background Videos, and Parent Support Videos.

To get started with Think Central, you can follow the steps in this document.

Bar Modeling

Click here for a video with examples of bar models. Also, check out Thinking Blocks to solve problems by creating bar models. 

Ten Frames

Watch this video to further build your knowledge about ten frames.

Math Facts

Check out these games that help students to learn their math facts. If you are interested to know what the required math fluencies are for each grade level from K-6, according to the Common Core State Standards and PARCC, you can view them here